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Uprise Champions Cup

Best Of 3
2016/01/19 16:00 UTC

Winner FSid3

FSid3 vs. Nostalgie at Uprise Champions Cup

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Earlier this morning, we saw Flipsid3 take on the ‘PANTERS’, who are the ex-London Conspiracy squad that were just freshly dropped by their org. The match ended as a 1-1 tie but F3 played decent and had to make PANTERS work to get their map. End result was a 16-9 win on Mirage and 13-16 on Overpass.

Some other things to mention is that F3 failed to qualify for DH Open Leipzig the other day (11th of Jan). They made it to the finals of the closed qualifier but were beat out by SK in the finals 1-2. Shara has also not been officially signed with F3 yet and the lineup could change at any moment. But it’s unlikely, as he’s been playing with them for so long and has done a considerably good job fitting in and pulling his weight.


Looks like OverDrive is back. For those that don’t know him, he’s a rich Russian who has a history of participating in leagues with 4 other pros. He himself isn’t a good player at all, and he pretty much forms a team and pays the players well to play in leagues, try their best all because the guy is rich enough to do so.

Him and his 4 Danish companions have already played a match in this league (UCC Europe) and they lost to Team YP 0-2 on Cache (11-16) and Inferno (10-16). The four Danish players are actually quite good. They are known well in the community. JUGI has been floating around for a little bit, while gla1ve (ex-CPlay and also has been signed on with CW a day ago), cadiaN is playing with No Problem! it seems like and Sanden played a match under the name ‘RUZKI’ once upon a time.

Final thoughts and advice

F3 shouldn’t encounter too many problems winning this match. This Nostalgie team assembled by OverDrive is just a PUG team from my understanding and nothing serious is really happening besides just some ‘fun’ I guess. The top 6 teams at the end of this online portion will go on to the LAN finals which will be hosted in Moscow, Russia and will be in early February. The prize pool will have $15,000.

Basically, F3 > Nostalgie. I expect similar results to the match where YP won over Nostalgie, so a 2-0 with double digit scorelines for both maps. Even with F3 slacking, they could drop a map but still win.

My odds for this match: FSid3 80:20 Nostalgie


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