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Counter Pit League

Best Of 2
2016/02/17 18:00 UTC

Winner Penta

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FSid3 vs. Penta at Counter Pit League

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FlipSid3 are superior whereas Penta are just extremely bad, they kicked davidp yesterday and zehN will be playing today, zehN played for CG and wasn’t exactly the best player there. I wouldn’t say it’s an upgrade but it’s not necessarily a downgrade either. This should be a pretty straight forward match, It’s going to be a BO2 and I can’t see FlipSid3 losing 2 maps in a row here. Should be a comfortable 2:0 to FlipSid3, worst case scenario 1:1. If you have a maxbet set then this is a good match to use it in, it’s what I will be doing.


Dust2: 70-30 Penta
Inferno: 60-40 FlipSid3
Mirage: 65-35 FlipSid3
Cache: 55-45 FlipSid3
Train: 90-10 FlipSid3
Overpass: 80-20 FlipSid3
Cobblestone: 75-25 FlipSid3

Pick: FlipSid3

Bet: Max on FlipSid3

My odds for this match: FSid3 80:20 Penta

Penta will be playing with a new stand-in or trialist today, by the name of zeHn, a Finnish player who was last seen playing for CG. It seems a strange one for me as he is not really experienced or that skilled judging by his performances at the LAN event. I did see him have a few good games online, so he has that going for him.

Fsid3 of course just back from LAN seemed some what poor yesterday against astralis, but perhaps they knew they would lose these maps and were tired and just wanted to get it out the way. I expect them to be on better form today, and their map pool against Penta should be a good thing.

Overall this is a BO2 that doesn’t excite me THAT much. Both teams won’t be in the best of shapes, and this game will most likely be 1-1, or 2-0 to Fsid3. It is hard to predict how good or bad Penta will be, so predicting them to take both maps is unlikely. One thing that Fsid3 are good at is winning their own map, which they virtually always seem to do in this scenario, so I would suggest going MED on them to take this, as they are more likely of doing so.

My odds for this match: FSid3 70:30 Penta


This is a game that I feel like Flipsid3 should be winning. Sure they do not look good form wise recently, however you look at the teams they are facing, and you would not necessarily expect them to do them too well. Like I said previously, when on form I feel like Flipsid3 is one of the most under-rated tier 2 teams out there, however they are pretty big favorites for this game so that does not really apply here. Penta just replaced DavidP and are going to have Zehn play here. No idea why the change was needed, he wasn’t a bad player at all, had to be his just overall persona being toxic or whatever, since the standin, and apparently 5th is from Finland so it can’t be down to the language barrier, at least I do not think so. It is a BO2 so if it ends in a 1-1 skins are returned, and this is a game where Flipsid3 really should be taking at least one map. 80-20 here in favor of F3, keeping in mind that it is a BO2.


Gonna play the odds here somewhat, while I do think it is pretty safe on F3 getting at least one map, Penta are a decent side and I do not want to count them out completely. This is by no means a max and relax match for me. Going to go 10% on Flipsid3 as long as they are below 87%, if they are above it, will simply skip or ICB Penta here, not quite sure yet. A good bet here would be a super low on Penta to take a map on Fanobet, if the odds are good for that.

My odds = 80-20 F3

My risk = Medium

My bet = 10% F3 as long as they are under 87%, otherwise skip/ICB Penta

My advice = Same as my bet. If want to Fanobet, super low, 1-2% on Penta to win a map on Fanobet.

My odds for this match: FSid3 80:20 Penta


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