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Counter Pit League

Best Of 2
2016/01/31 14:00 UTC

No Winner Announced
SK Gaming
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SK Gaming

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FSid3 vs. SK at Counter Pit League Predictions


Always been close H2H’s between these two, it always went into a 3rd map and the maps always seem to be the same as well; Mirage, Overpass and Train. The most recent H2H was for the Dreamhack Leipzig qualifier and SK won this. First map Overpass was far from close, SK won 16-3. The 2nd map was Mirage and this got into OT, Flipside won in the end 21-18. The 3rd map was Train and thanks to a good T side, SK managed to win in OT and qualify for Dreamhack where they (imo) performed really well by taking 1 map off Luminosity. SK had a match 2 days ago which got way too close against LDLC.Blue. For now, I will keep believing that this was simply the SK ”not trying” because it’s a league with a low prizepool anyway, what matters is that they won. Against Flipside it will be a BO2 for the Counter pit league and this will have a prizepool of $80,000 which is pretty nice, both teams want to qualify and play against the tier1 teams to and compete.


Like I said, the most recent H2H went in SK’s favour and they didn’t even play THAT good there. This is a BO2 and i’m pretty sure Mirage will be played here and I get the feeling that SK currently, are unstoppable on Mirage. I’m for some reason quite confident in SK winning Mirage, this means that once they do, they can’t lose. So I’m going to call either a normal 1-1 or maybe even a 2-0 by SK depending on the other map which could be Cobblestone, Train or Overpass. Train feels 50-50 but I really feel like SK can win Cobblestone and Overpass too, so let’s hope for the best and a 2-0 win by SK here.


This is (just like Mousesports vs. Dignitas) going to be edited later on! This match will also start in 16 hours so we don’t know how the odds will go. I will edit this ASAP!

EDIT: SK went from underdog to overdog but I still do think SK will win or at least tie here. Let’s stay with a low bet on SK.

Thanks for reading and good luck with your bet!

My odds for this match: FSid3 40:60 SK Gaming

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