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2016/02/28 16:00 UTC

Winner FSid3

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FSid3 vs. TStorm at MLG

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I’ve been waiting to see Tempo Storm compete against European teams and I am already surprised how well they did against Gamers2, they basically played against one of the best dust2 teams in the world and were few rounds away from beating them, I’m quite surprised that HEN1 didn’t perform as well as he does online, but boltz made up for it and won many crucial rounds, not that surprising as boltz is probably the most acknowledged player in the team.

This time Tempo Storm is facing FlipSid3, I really have to favor brazilians here as they looked way better in the recent time, while FlipSid3 have been struggling against mediocre opponents, they also had a tough match against Selfless on inferno (16-13), I was very disappointed with their performance mostly because koosta was playing really bad and Selfless still managed to win so many rounds, however, FlipSid3 also played against Gamers2 on inferno and managed to win 14 rounds, not really sure what to expect from them against Tempo on inferno.

I think Tempo Storm should have an advantage here, I’d say this match is around 60-40 for Tempo Storm but I wouldn’t be surprised if they lose, we haven’t seen them all that much against European teams and it’s quite hard to tell how good they really are.

My odds for this match: FSid3 40:60 TStorm


  • Dust2: 80-20 Tempo Storm
  • Inferno: 50-50
  • Mirage: 50-50
  • Cache: 55-45 Tempo Storm
  • Train: 55-45 FlipSid3
  • Overpass: 80-20 FlipSid3
  • Cobblestone: 50-50



Wrote a really long analysis but accidentally clicked a button where everything got removed so i’m going to keep it short and not rewrite the whole lifestory I wrote.

Looking at the map-odds, this is quite literally a 50-50 match but the thing is, and I said this many times; people might overhype the Brazilians a bit too much for no reason, sure they did good in NA and sure, they did get a close scoreline against G2 on Dust2 but that’s Dust2, a puggy mapstyle NA teams play A LOT, and the win against Selfless doesn’t really say much either as Selfless are from NA. All I’m saying is that we haven’t seen anything from TempoStorm yet on really strat-based maps against EU teams. Blade can easily out-strat the Brazilians here, sure the aim favours TempoStorm and they are most likely favoured on most pug-style maps but I just think they are a bit too overrate as of now. This is quite literally a 50-50 match and the best thing to do here is go for the underdog which is FlipSid3 quite heavily as well, they have 36% on Lounge thanks to the Brazilian hype. A low bet on FlipSid3 will be my suggestion. Now it’s on the Brazilians to prove me wrong and show me that they should not be underrated.

Pick: FlipSid3

Bet: Low on FlipSid3 [3%]

My odds for this match: FSid3 50:50 TStorm

Breaks my heart almost to write this prediction, to suggest going against one of my favourite teams, but we are in betting to make money right? So in saying that, this game between Fsid3 and Tstorm will be a really interesting affair. The bans will for sure be Overpass and D2 and then looking at the remaining maps, it will be really close. Almost all of the maps left are 50-50, and when you take this into account and then look at the odds on CSGL, you know what to do.

Tstorm gave G2 a really close game on one of their best maps, but made small mistakes that cost them. The same could be said for FS actually who should of taken their game against the same opposition to OT as I don’t know how WorldEdit lost that 1v1. The slight issue with FS is the problem with Shara suffering from LAN nerves. If he hesitates even a split second in an important round, it can swing the whole momentum the other way causing them to lose a half, a map or even the game.

I do think Tstorm are the favourites for this match, but 1 BO1 on LAN against decent EU competition is not enough to base it off that they deserve to have 65% odds here. Purely playing the odds, the smart thing to do is to go LOW on FS. This game could go either way so betting on either side to take at least 1 map on fanobet seems a good shout.

My odds for this match: FSid3 45:55 TStorm


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