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2016/01/13 15:53 UTC

Winner Luminosity

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G2 vs. LG at Starseries

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G2 had a pretty close shave with Alternate Attax in yesterdays game, with Cobblestone going to the final round before closing it out. Still, they did win the series 2-0 with a nice score on Dust 2 (16-4). This has been their only game this year, so it’s not a good determination of their form (other factor includes the last game before LAN, could have their mind on that instead of the random online game VS Germans).

G2 has no ‘real’ IGL from the looks of things, and I do recall rain(?) calling for them but correct me if I’m wrong. It could be a dynamic thing between two or three people. It was last tipped that Robban was coaching G2, but from the looks of things it didn’t work out in the end. G2 need a good and knowledgeable coach if they want to do well in my opinion. Having all 5 players focusing on fragging and not having to worry about thinking up a mad strat was the idea from the beginning of this team, considering that all of these players are ‘star’ and ‘power fraggers’.

Luminosity Gaming

LG have recently attended a local LAN with a bunch of Brazillian and Argentinian teams and they absolutely crushed their opponents there. They didn’t lose a match and for nearly all of the maps except one, they didn’t let their opponents reach double digits round wise. Teams that fell to LG include: G3X, INTZ, CNB, AlienTech and KeyD. Out of this LAN, they won close to $10,000USD which is a nice number and a fairly easy prize to get.

Final thoughts and advice

LG has better teamwork and strats, but G2 has the better skill (individually). If G2 get a good coach, stay together for a while and put up some decent results, they for sure can be a top contender with teams like Fnatic, TQM, EnvyUs etc. This is a 50-50 match in my eyes, and a small-medium on G2 (underdogs at the moment) is most likely what I’m going to be going for.

EDIT 1: Maikelele forgot his passport: Could potentially miss this game.

My odds for this match: G2 50:50 Luminosity

Hello csgohubbers,

it is thijs here doing a prediction. Today we will take a look at G2 facing off against LG. It is a best of 3 and all the maps are on TBA. This match is played on LAN so keep that in mind.

G2: Maikelele, fox, aizy, jkaem, rain

Luminosity: coldzera, fnx, FalleN, fer, TACO

There is not a lot to say on this match. It is pretty much 50/50. Both of these teams have the ability to beat the other one. I think it will come down on whoever wins the pistols and eco rounds etc. I will not dare risking anything on this match up. It is a great match to watch but not so great to bet on. I could write out info on both teams with fav maps etc but i believe it doesn’t matter at all since these teams are close in skill. G2 might be a bit stressed out since maikelelelelelele had a hard time flying over. I advice all of you to just skip it and watch some top level counter strike.

My advice for those who want to bet i would go low om Luminosity. However personally i skip it since it is just a coin flip.

Good luck!

My odds for this match: G2 50:50 Luminosity


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