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AlienTech League

Best Of 2
2016/03/11 20:15 UTC

Winner NR

Galatics vs. NR at AlienTech League

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This is a really important BO2 for both teams if they want to qualify for AlienTech lan finals. This is pretty much the decider for who becomes 6th in the groups, and the first 6 teams will go to the lan finals. Galatics still have to play 2 matches after this but those are against gBots and k1ck so those feel like def-losses, I won’t really give them a chance against them. NR will have 1 match left after this one which is against Publiclir, so that also feels like a def-loss.

Overall, NR are the better team, they have the better players and just seem more reliable than these rather unknown Portugese players. I personally think that NR picking up two maps here is more likely than Galatics picking up two although we have to understand that when NR DO lose the first map, they will be officially 7th in the group as a tie isn’t enough, they HAVE to win here.

This is a match where we’re gonna have to play the odds on. Thanks to the new feature of, I can show you guys how we should bet on this match based on the odds of each team.


My odds for this match: Galatics 30:70 NR

Option 1Bet Galatics if odds 20% or less

Small (2%)

high risk

Galatics are an upcoming Portugese team, who have caused some surprises recently. They took 1 map against Publiclir, and had some pretty close matches, both were OT. They have pretty decent T side, but the CT side is good as well. Their worst maps are Dust2,Mirage,Cobblestone and the best are Inferno,Cache. shn their best player, who can go huge against tier3 teams.

NerdRage is a hyped team from UK. They’re good, but this percentage is funny. They have DREAM and shaney who have pretty good personal skill. Last match was against that was 0 for 2 in a pretty close game. On paper they’re better than the Portugese team, but its BO2 with big prize pool and I think Galatics have more potentional and better mentality. High risk, but I feel 1-1 in a pretty close game.

Low (2-3%) on Galatics


My odds for this match: Galatics 45:55 NR

Option 2Bet NR if odds 60% or less

Small (5%)

high risk

Option 3Skip


Don't waste money on this match.


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