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Uprise Champions Cup

Best Of 3
2016/04/11 15:30 UTC

Winner Gambit

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Gambit vs. AGG at Uprise Champions Cup

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This is a tricky one. Both of these teams I feel are incredibly inconsistent, I feel like the display Gambit showed us at the major is a bit misguiding, as online they have for a long time been impressive at times, then disappointing and I would just never be safe betting on Gambit as they tend to go really quiet in matches. AGG is a team that is perfectly capable of upsetting Gambit, they have before and they played a close series very recently, which Gambit won however it was close. With AGG it’s just a star player show I feel, I rarely watch them to see a solid team effort, usually it is a individual or two carrying the team with multikills and what not, and that is what wins them the game, and since you can’t really rely on individuals 100% of the time, their inconsistency really does show. I feel the odds are not justified right now at 75-25, as AGG is better than that when they take games seriously and are on form. Obviously Gambit favored, however be careful here. 60-40 Gambit


3% Gambit if under 67%, otherwise 3% AGG

My odds = 60-40 Gambit

My risk = High

My bet = 3% Gambit if under 67%, otherwise 3% AGG

My advice = same as my bet

My odds for this match: Gambit 60:40 AGG

Option 1Bet Gambit if odds 67% or less

Small (3%)

high risk

Interesting game to start the day, and one that could be a good underdog. Gambit are a decent side when they are on it, but their weak map pool really hurts them sometimes. They looked pretty poor against G2, and could potentially still be hung over from the major. AGG are a side that are incredibly hard to predict. One game they seem really good with lots of sick individual performances, and then the next they don’t look good at all. This is mainly down to their star players having consistency issues, and the players making plays without much tactical thinking involved. An example of this would be planting open to CT spawn on Mirage, with nobody covering, when all of your team mates are at connector. Things like this costs you in big games, in big rounds, vs big teams, and this is another reason for the rather up and down results from AGG. The last time these 2 played, although Gambit won 2-0, the scoreline is a bit misleading, as the maps were quite close. With both sides being inconsistent, and the real odds being closer to 60-40, if things stand as they are now, AGG could be a good but risky underdog bet.

My odds for this match: Gambit 65:35 AGG

Option 1Bet Gambit if odds 65% or less

Small (5%)

high risk


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