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Operation Kinguin

Best Of 3
2016/02/24 18:00 UTC

Winner CSGL

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Gambit vs. CSGL at Operation Kinguin

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Gambit are of course going to the qualifier, as are 2 of the CSGL boys, which means this game in a cup that is quite small, to me feels like one massive SKIP. Gambit have far more important things to be playing for, and will hardly want to give anything away in this game. Expect them to just run around like they are playing for fun, with perhaps a few defaults and strats you’d come up with on the fly.

CSGL might very well not be practicing right now due to 2 of their members going away, as I am sure they would want to support their players in trying to qualify for a major, even if it does of course impact their side. Because of this, I highly doubt CSGL will care THAT much about this game either, perhaps a bit more than Gambit, but not much.

Because of the situations of both sides, I would personally favour CSGL a bit, but would also SKIP this game as the mental state of both teams is hard to predict, and betting on a game when you have to worry about things like that is the sure fire way to lose your precious skins.

My odds for this match: Gambit 50:50 CSGL


Honestly this could go eitherway. You could argue that either team deserves to be the favorite here, and not many would bulge, however for me it is CSGL, as long as they are on form here. CSGL when off form can be horrible, really bad, however occassionally when they decide to actually play and do something, they can be really good and they definitely have potential. I was watching CSGL play Panthers yesterday and ahm, first map they were down 12:3 on CT Cache, they pulled it back to 15:13 in favor of them, then lost next two but won out in OT, so that was impressive comeback, however you must wonder how they got so demolished on their CT side. Then they won the 2nd map 16:12. Gambit we haven’t seen too much of them, they did lose 2-1 to Arcade a few days ago however, a really close BO3 so that puts me off a bit here. Obviously the Gambit guys are heading off the the qualifiers, I am not sure if they are leaving today or tomorrow, timezones are a pain to deal with, however they are leaving pretty soon so I am unsure if they will be trying their best here, as they may be concentrating on packing and what not. Same applies to Innocent and Szpero from CSGL as those two are going to standin for YP. Overall for me this really just comes down to who is landing their shots, this tournament isn’t the biggest so I do not think either team will cry here if they lose, so be careful. Overall, 55-45 CSGL


2-3% on CSGL if below 60%, otherwise 2-3% Gambit.

My odds= 55:45 CSGL

My risk = High

My bet = 2-3% CSGL if under 60%, otherwise 2-3% Gambit

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: Gambit 45:55 CSGL


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