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2016/03/20 12:00 UTC

Winner HR

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Gambit vs. HR at Dreamhack

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Last change to qualify for DreamHack Malmo, a match that matter a lot to both teams as it’s single elimination.

Gambit are looking rather shaky online, they can have an insane performance on lan but online it just doesn’t look that good yet. They lost to ex-Vexed in the #1 qualifier for this event and ex-Vexed weren’t even in the best shape at that moment as they were going through roster changes. Gambit played against fm-eSports after that and that also looked extremely scary, they did win it 2-1 but really could have lost it as well and that would have been a big upset. Overall Gambit aren’t in the best shape, they seem better on lan than they are online.

Hellraisers have had a lot of roster changes but do look really good with this current roster. They have some nutty fragging power and can potentially take down any tier2 team, but as of now, they still need to improve. They need more practise before they actually want to attend to lans as it seems to come too early for them. Once they practised enough, they can be incredibly good and be capable of doing the impossible.

IMO a really close match between a team who seems to be in a slump and a team who’s having roster changes. Three of Gambit’s players have played on HR’s side (AdreN, Mou, Dosia) so quite a funny thing. The fragging power and teamwork seems to be favouring Gambit as of now, sure, they are slumping a tiny bit but I expect them to come out on top as Hellraisers didn’t have that much of practise. If the odds are good, we will go low on Gambit, if the odds are extremely skewed, then we’re going low on HR.

My odds for this match: Gambit 60:40 HR

Option 2Bet HR if odds 35% or less

Small (3%)

high risk


So this one is pretty tough here, could really go eitherway. Gambit has a major just around the corner to attend, so they might be concentrating on that more than this matchup, and meanwhile Hellraisers failed to get out of yet another qualifier, so they are not attending the major. Hellraisers’ roster has been going through a ton of changes recently, and I do believe the changes are for the better, right now it’s basically the old nEophyte roster -Barb1 +Angel which hey, is an upgrade. Overall I do see the potential in this roster, as long as Oskar stays and continues with his form, maybe make it a bit more consistent and the rest of the team steps up. My problem here is the fact that god damn Gambit is just so unpredictable. Gambit can be really solid at times, however at other times they just flop right down, and are extremely poor. You could really argue that either team deserves to be the favorite here, however for me it is Gambit, for some reason my gut is telling me HR will take this, however we’ll just see. Overall not much else to go into detail over here, just play the odds here. My odds are 55-45 in favor of Gambit here, and honestly could just come down to which Gambit we see today.


2-3% Gambit if below 60%, otherwise 2-3% on Hellraisers here. Like I said, gut is telling HR however just gotta play the odds here. My gut isn’t always right 🙁

My odds = 55-45 Gambit

My risk = High

My bet = 2-3% Gambit if under 60%, otherwise 2-3% HR

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: Gambit 55:45 HR

Option 1Bet Gambit if odds 60% or less

Small (3%)

high risk


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