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2016/03/08 20:50 UTC

Winner DTrap

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GameAgents vs. DTrap at Rising Stars

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GameAgents play with a stand-in, who called KoloRRR who’s not really an experienced player. He has very good aim, but sometimes i feel its 4v5 when i see him against EU teams. They’re not practicing enough with their fixed 5 man team, because rmL doesnt have enough time for csgo. GameAgents have very nice aimers like Barcode and Gabesson, who when in form can carry a match. 1/4final of Risingstar, every match is on single elimination, and the prize pool is very good (20.000$). Mirage is not their best map, but they like to play it.

Deathtrap were called Team11 3months ago, but they found an org. Last time they played a BO3 against Pixel(Hungarian team), and they won it 2-0, but it was very close match. GameAgents are one of the best teams in Hungary at the moment, they beat the Pixel 2-1, on mirage aswell. Team Pixel made a bust movie of a player of DTrap, but i’m not sure he’s cheating.

This match will be very close, because its BO1 and the both team can play decent on Mirage. Risk is high, just bet low.

Low (2-5%) on GameAgents


My odds for this match: GameAgents 55:45 DTrap

A Hungarian team against a Turkish team, overall GameAgents are the better team, they have the better players with Barcode who is just insane, most of you might know this guy, he might be one of the best players in Hungary and is only 16 years old. DTrap don’t really have a player like this although they do have some impressive results. They managed to beat Pixel 2-0. Pixel are top2 in Hungary and GameAgents are top1 in hungary, there is a pretty big skill-gap between these two teams, GameAgents are a team who often compete with tier4 teams in EU and seem to be fairly consistent, they beat teams such as Platinium, ID and FM, these teams are surely not the worst so these are some nice wins.

Overall I do think that GameAgents will win this, they are the stronger team and seem to be having the better mappool. This is going to be a BO1 so it will be incredibly close and it might come down to the pistolrounds. Let’s go with a really low bet on GameAgents.

Low (3%) on GameAgents when -65% for GameAgents | Skip when +65% for GameAgents

My odds for this match: GameAgents 60:40 DTrap

Game agents have been known to throw before under their old name and in a cup such as this I honestly would not want to put my skins any where near them. These types of lesser cups are always known to contain weird results, and putting your skins on a game like this, especially as it is a BO1, is a lot riskier than your average bet. Judging by results alone, I would say GA are the better side, but with their past history I honestly would SKIP this game and save your skins for a more profitable one.

My odds for this match: GameAgents 60:40 DTrap


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