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2016/01/07 16:30 UTC

Winner GAcademy

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Gathers vs. GAcademy at MAX5

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GAcademy has made a roster change recently and it looks like they’re being hit with a bus seeing how they performed against team AlienTech in this LAN. GAcademy recently lost TACO and fnx and replaced them with boltz and felps. For some context on these players, Boltz is a Brazilian player who originally played on team Luminosity and was a solid rifler. Felps was a “free agent” and played a couple pro matches here and there for teams such as KeydStars and doesn’t perform at a consistent level. This roster change ripped GAcademy’s armor off and is starting to show their weak side as their perform so far in this LAN is underwhelming even though it’s only been one game in a BO1 on Cache. GAcademy could originally destroy tier 3 – 2 NA teams but it seems their edge dulled and are having problems even facing tier 4 – 3 teams, even on LAN. GAcademy seems to be struggling in communication and performance as they seem to be off and making questionable moves such as solo peeking without trades or few players being too aggressive. This may be a bad change in GAcademy’s team but I doubt they’ll be having an extremely tough time with Gathers as GAcademy are still playing at a decent level for a team that has made an extreme roster change that messed with the team’s performance.

Team Gathers may have come from the same homeland as GAcademy although Gatherers ended up in a completely different scenario. Team Gatherers isn’t a bad Brazillian team although they’re a tier or two from GAcademy’s team even with GAcademy’s extreme roster change. Gatherers aren’t a great LAN team as they can barely pull rounds off of team AlienTech, a team of or slightly above the same tier as Gatherers. Gatherers is also lacking in the skill department to be dealing with a majority of GAcademy’s roster especially since GAcademy has such an extremely experienced roster. Gatherer’s is going to have an extremely tough time attempting to win this one map against GAcademy.

As GAcademy get a team churning roster change, GAcademy is still a significantly solid team when compared to Gatherers, so a MEDIUM bet is recommended on GAcademy for this game.

Recommended Bet: MEDIUM GAcademy

My odds for this match: Gathers 35:65 GAcademy


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