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AlienTech League

Best Of 2
2016/03/06 20:00 UTC

Winner Publiclir

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gB vs. Publiclir at AlienTech League

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Odds don’t really make a lot of sense for me as Publiclir are a decent side and for sure have it in them to take at least 1 map here. Gbots lost one of their best players in loWel to Penta and I don’t really know a lot about their new recruit to give an accurate description of his level. Judging just purely from his scores on CSGL, he does seem a decent player, putting up decent numbers against AT.

For me the real odds for this game are a lot closer to 55-45 in favour of Gbots. I do worry for Publiclir and their map pool, as they seem to be very one dimensional right now. On top of that, they are still struggling with a 5th with tease apparently not playing with them anymore, and maxie being the player who will trial today. HS will need to be on point if Public are to take this, but I still feel they have enough skill in their roster to be good for a map.

Because of how the odds are, I would purely play them and would suggest going LOW on Publiclir. They are an inconsistent side, but I think Gbots are overhyped because of their performances at ESL Barcelona, and their results overall are not good enough to deserve these kinds of odds.

My odds for this match: gB 55:45 Publiclir


Lots of people may think that gBots are a bit overhyped and I sort of agree but in this BO2, they are clearly the better team. gBots did lose a really good player, lowel, he went to Penta and his replacement is Cristian, people might think it’s a downgrade but I disagree, Cristian is a really decent fragger and is a really good replacement for lowel IMO.

Publiclir are a team who change their roster every single day it seems, their best roster was back in the day with lekr0 but lekr0 won’t be playing here. Publiclir’s success in the past was all thanks to lekr0 as he’s an insane fragger, after he left Publiclir were having a hard time beating teams really. They tied against a Portugese team called Galatics and this is a really depressing result. Both maps went to OT and I don’t really understand how that happened, Publiclir do individually have some decent skill but the team chemistry simply does not work. They dropped FejtZ 1 month ago because of internal issues but all of the sudden he’s back on the roster. IMO this doesn’t really look good for Publiclir at all.

Overall gBots are the better team and with Publiclir having internal issues doesn’t help either. With this being a BO2, gBots are more likely to win 2-0 than Publiclir are. gBots should be able to win 2-0 although it could end up in a tie but I really don’t see Publiclir picking up two maps here.

65-35 gBots

Low (5%) on gBots

My odds for this match: gB 65:35 Publiclir


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