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2016/04/14 14:41 UTC

Winner Godsent

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Godsent vs. CLG at Dreamhack

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Lounge currently have Godsent at 35%,which I heavily disagree with. In fact I think you could make a case of Godsent being the better team on paper here, we just do not have as broad of a result pool to evaluate Godsent from, and their map pool appears to be lackluster while CLG’s is decent. For me this is a 50-50, I think this can go eitherway and decides on who turns up, will it be the Schneider and Twist duo or JDM and Tarik, can’t predict that. Both of these teams have shown to be up and down, CLG so far seems to form wise in this tournament be more impressive, however they both still lost to Na’Vi. I just think that this could really go eitherway, if you force me to favor a team it is CLG due to their map pool and overall more chemistry as a team, but 50-50 and skillwise Godsent is better for me.


3% On the underdog here, most likely Godsent

My odds = 50-50

My risk = High

My bet = 3% underdog

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: Godsent 50:50 CLG

Option 2Bet CLG if odds 50% or less

Small (3%)

high risk

Tough one to call here, as I think it could go either way. The slight advantage I will give to Godsent is they will be more prepared for CLG perhaps than the other way around. CLG were already looking past Navi, and going into this game today, will be an interesting match up. I do feel the map pool probably favours CLG as Godsent are still finding their feet with this roster, but the experience they have and skill of players such as Twist, makes them a threat against anyone they play.

Godsent will for sure remove D2, and CLG will remove Inferno. These are pretty much their default bans. Now, this is the slightly tricky part. I expect Godsent will pick Train or Mirage and CLG will most likely take Cobble. The Godsent will have to remove Cache as they don’t like the map, and CLG will get to pick what they want. The final map will most likely be Overpass, which is a map CLG have actually been playing lately. The last map could be Mirage, but I am not confident on this map for CLG. Overall, I feel like the veto favours CLG a tiny bit, but this still feels like a 50-50, and going LOW on the underdog seems advisable.

My odds for this match: Godsent 50:50 CLG

Option 1Bet CLG if odds 55% or less

Small (5%)

high risk

Close one to call here, I haven’t really seen Godsent play except against Navi and it’s hard to say how good they actually are. To me they looked weak against Navi and winning over G2 on Train isn’t really that impressive either as Shox seemed lost as an IGL. Godsent only played the map Train at this point so it’s hard to say how good they are on other maps. Their rather ”weaker” maps are Dust2 and Cache and anyone can beat them on these, all the remaining 5 maps are fairly strong for them.

CLG played against the exact same teams as Godsent did and IMO CLG did a bit better however CLG played twice on Dust2, they stomped G2 on it and it’s G2’s best map so that’s extremely impressive, the match against Navi was rather a choke as CLG had it in the bag but couldn’t close it out, they had a good start but Navi came in with a pause and instantly managed to make it a 8-7 CT half for them which is impressive as Dust2 is a T sided map. CLG still did really good on their CT side, they were up 14-12 but again, they couldn’t close it out.

A really close game to call here as it’s hard to say how good Godsent actually are, we’ve only seen 1 map from them. It is going to be a BO3 and to start off I expect Godsent to ban Dust2 and after that I expect CLG to ban Inferno or maybe Train (depends on how well they know Godsent). The pick of Godsent could be anything really but if they want to do damage here then they SHOULD pick Inferno or Train, CLG should pick Cache as it’s Godsent’s worst map after Dust2. After that Godsent’s ban could be anything, Cobblestone / Mirage / Overpass, CLG should ban Mirage and in the end we might see Cobblestone or Overpass and personally I have to slightly favour CLG here. They have a really strong mappool and they only map they most definitely can’t play is Inferno, all the other maps are maps they’re ”OK” on and can beat tier2 teams on (as we saw against Gambit). Going with CLG here.

My odds for this match: Godsent 45:55 CLG


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