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2016/04/13 12:48 UTC

Winner Godsent

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Godsent vs. G2 at Dreamhack

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Already read some funny memes on twitter ”got sent home” hehe … anyway, Godsent had a rather disappointing showing against Navi and I actually saw this coming. Godsent really couldn’t execute with the way Navi were defending, they had problems and couldn’t close out rounds even though they got the advantage time and time again. On the CT side they looked somewhat solid but I think that was rather Navi being a bit sloppy with the executions, the scoreline got close but could have been a 16-2 stomp as well, overall a bad showing by Godsent.

G2 .. damn, what was that against CLG? On Dust2 as well, G2’s best map, they just got …destroyed. Usually their CT side on Dust2 is so solid but yesterday it was just awful .. G2 on Dust2 heavily rely on Smithzz awping but thanks to CLG being extremely smart, Smithzz never got the awp .. only once and he instantly got 3 frags and they won that round. Overall G2 are just like nV, a team who loses the first match in the groupstages. Same happened at MLG, they got stomped by VP but did win the next match against C9. G2 are on and off, a team that’s hard to predict.

In my eyes this is going to be a really close game. G2 need to step up their game, they can do way better than they’ve showed us against CLG and I’m sure they will do better. Godsent on the other hand … I’m just not sure if they can do any better, Navi didn’t even play that good and Godsent just couldn’t execute. I think that we will be seeing something such as Overpass, Inferno or maybe even Train here and I expect G2 to take it. We all know they can do better, and I’m sure they will. Let’s not go too high though.

My odds for this match: Godsent 35:65 G2


After G2’s yesterdays heroics on Dust2 vs CLG, it is pretty hard to have hope in them however lets try again here. Even though G2 did a major no no yesterday, I still think that as long as everything goes to plan, they should be looking to take this. Think back to the major, first day, got absolutely smashed by VP in similar fashion, came back and defeated C9 and did better vs VP, still lost but better. I think that G2 are more experienced here and individually when everybody is firing on all cylinders, they are the better team. Godsent has huge upset potential, they have what it takes to be a good team, however they just need to keep working hard and find consistency amongst their star players, or replace Lekr0. If Twist and Schneider are feeling it here, G2 will be in trouble, however when the duo isn’t firing on all cylinders, you are relying on Lekr0 and Pauf, which is not a bad thing to rely on however it isn’t perfect, They did decent vs Na’Vi, however no GuardiaN so that is that. 65-35 in favor of G2 here, just hope they do not go full tilt mode again.


5% G2 below 72%, otherwise 2% Godsent.

My odds = 65-35 G2

My risk = High

My bet = 5% G2 below 72%, otherwise 2% Godsent.

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: Godsent 35:65 G2

Option 2Bet Godsent if odds 28% or less

Small (2%)

high risk

This is an interesting BO1 against these two, because GODSENT are getting better week by week, and I see that they are playing more like a team than before, which can make this game interesting, as G2 are not in top form. Yesterday they got stomped by CLG 2-16 on Dust2. It was a surprise for me because Dust2 is a map where skill is more important, and everybody knows shox is the new in game Leader, who was/has their best aim. And of course recently they had a player change, bodyy signed for Ex6TenZ, and since that change, they have not had much time to practice.

GODSENT as I said, is better week by week. Their first enemy was Na’Vi on Train. They started pretty bad on Terrorist side (they did 2 rounds), but after side change they was like a tier1 team. I know starix playing instead of GuardiaN and on train he has a very important  AWPer role. The Swedish guys have 3 players who like to take AWP, but their main AWPers are znajder and twist, but lekr0 took it often as well. Pronax is still a top in game leader, and I think he can win a map with his calls.

Im sure G2 will play much better today than yesterday. They have one more chance, but do not forgot its a BO1 against 2 almost same skilled teams.

Low (3%) on GODSENT if the lounge odds are less than 42%

Low+ (5-7%) on G2 if the lounge odds are less than 58%


My odds for this match: Godsent 40:60 G2

Option 2Bet G2 if odds 57% or less

Small (5%)

high risk


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