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Hitbox CS Arena

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2015/08/18 19:00 UTC

Winner D&G

D&G vs. Reason @Hitbox CS Arena

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Can not really see G&G lose this if they take it serious, the only dangerous player i see from reason is dephh and he is highly suspecious for me.
When ever he played with the ESL anti-cheat he bottled it and when ever he played without he was dominating the other teams. Maybe that is just random luck for him or something but i personally believe he is pretty fishy.

Either way i think DG should win this if they dont go full retard today, i suggest a low/med bet on them. Its a bo1 so there is always some risk.

Best of luck =)

My odds for this match: D&G 75:25 Reason

Although this is a BO1, and they can be random, I think the chance of the UK side winning is pretty slim. They have a good player in dephhh, and kARAMA is not bad, but the other 3 are lacking the skill to take down a top 20 team. Most UK players consider dephhh to be one of the best upcoming players from the UK scene in a while, but him alone cannot carry against the Polish heavy weights.

The Polish team have been through a rough patch, with roster issues and disagreements. They seem to have found a steady ship in Loord and results and performances have been decent. Michu is as strong as ever, and they should easily have enough to take down the UK side.

Looking at the odds on CSGL and they don’t make for good reading. Reason currently sit at 19% odds, which in my opinion is pretty low for a BO1. It is far too risky to bet on the Polish side with odds like that. The safest thing you can do is ICB Reason or SKIP.

My odds for this match: D&G 65:35 Reason

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