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Hitbox CS Arena

Best Of 5
2015/08/19 18:00 UTC

Winner Dignitas


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Dignitas vs. PH @Hitbox CS Arena

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Best of 5 here between the top side of Dignitas and the improving Russian side PH. On paper, it should be an easy win for Dig, but let’s go a little deeper shall we?

The Russians possess a lot smaller map pool than that of Dignitas, which will ultimately cost them this match I would say. In a BO3, they could perhaps have a chance if the right maps were to come out, but a BO5, you need to be on point and be stronger than the other side on 3 maps. The problem is here, PH just aren’t. They are decent on Cache, and Cobble, and not bad on D2. They should lose badly on Train, Inferno, Overpass, Mirage, and might struggle on D2. They just don’t have enough strong maps to take down Dignitas.

Looking at the Danish side now, they have been performing well lately. They aren’t attending the major, so can spend the time fine tuning their skills, finding consistency,and working out ways to avoid losing anti ecos vs the top teams. This is a perfect time for them to try new things, and experiment, knowing full well they can do this and still have enough skill to win the match.

Looking at the odds on CSGL, they don’t make for good reading. Dignitas are currently heavily favoured, and so they should be, but not by this much. PH are not a bad side, and deserve close to 30% odds, than 10%. We will have to see how the odds move over the course of the night, but I thoroughly expect Dignitas to take this, and would avoid betting on it unless the odds are a little more favourable.

My odds for this match: Dignitas 70:30 PH

Dignitas have been performing very well recently, and should be the much better team here. They’ve been a team for much longer, they have more experience, a bigger map pool, and arguably higher individual skill. This is a BO5, which usually means the team with the bigger map pool will win. This would obviously be Dignitas, with the Danes being stronger on multiple maps.

Phenomenon really haven’t been doing badly though. They have recently been winning almost all of their matches, against teams like Dobry & Gaming, Piter, and Roccat. Their only recent loss was against SK, however they did manage to take a map off of them. I would give Phenomenon a decent chance at winning this if it wasn’t a BO5, but unfortunately for them, it is.

Dignitas should be winning this one, but the odds are terrible right now on lounge, so I suggest a skip. There is no point in betting huge on Dignitas here, 90-10 is just too skewed for this match.

My odds for this match: Dignitas 75:25 PH


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