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Hitbox CS Arena

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2015/08/17 19:00 UTC

Winner OverGaming

Publiclir vs. OverGaming @Hitbox CS Arena

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Very hard match to call, Publiclir for sure have some good players but they always change around players so you can never be sure who will play and who will not. From time to time they manage to pull some upsets over top teams, recently they beat Kinguin on Inferno but kinguin had some problems with ddos and i believe they played 4v5 at one point but they are very inconsistent thats mainly because of their roster changing. On the other hand OverGaming is a fairly new team and an up and coming team they have had some decent results lately and im giving them a slight advantage here.

Since its bo1 its very hard to call and i would suggest not betting to much here.

My odds for this match: Publiclir 50:50 OverGaming

Hard to call game here as both sides are unpredictable, and it is a BO1. To start with, let’s begin with Publiclir. They have had some not bad results lately, and have been showing signs of improving. The main problem for them is they have a different roster almost every game, and we

aren’t even sure 100% the whole roster for tonight. This unknown makes betting on them risky and hard to do as you really are just blindly betting and hoping.

Now we move onto OG. They are a newly formed side consisting of mostly Spanish players. They have actually been doing well and taking down a lot of lower tier sides, only losing to ones tiers above them.

This is a hard to call game, but I would give the odds about 55-45 in favour of OG. If the odds on CSGL stay as they are now, then they would make for a good bet. But remember this is a BO1, and random results can occur.

My odds for this match: Publiclir 45:55 OverGaming


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