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2016/03/22 18:00 UTC

Winner HR

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HR vs. ATN at Starseries

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A really close BO3 between a team who has been looking really good and a team who has been sort of slumping. Hellraisers once again managed to win yesterday after a really good CT side on Overpass against Arcade, they managed to win 16-13. The strongest thing of Hellraisers right now is that they have not a single player who can’t frag, the old Hellraisers always had kucher as that one guy who just couldn’t keep up with the others but right now, they’re all equal and can turn up any game and that’s the strongest thing of Hellraisers right now. They are looking really good.

Alternate like I said are in a tiny slump, yesterday they did beat Enso but this surely wasn’t without any problem, it did look like a stomp as they were 14-4(?) up but somehow Enso came back to 15-13, Alternate managed to close it out with a full eco but it really could have went to OT.

A team who are improving against a team who seems to be slumping, the odds on Lounge are 70-30 in favour of Hellraisers and looking and both teams right now it does feel kind of accurate, Hellraisers are just looking so much better. There has been a H2H match for UCC and Hellraisers won this one too 2-0 although the scorelines were really close. I think that this match will once again favour Hellraisers, I expect them to take it as they are the better team as of now.

My odds for this match: HR 70:30 ATN

Option 2Tiny bet on the underdog

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Both of these teams played matches yesterday, that both ended 16:13, however HR played Arcade and ATN played Enso, so HR had the tougher opponent, and I feel like for what Enso is, ATN struggled a bit too much and got quite fortunate to even come out on top in that game honestly. These teams have been facing off quite a bit, under different rosters and what not however, so that is that. They also did play with the current rosters and HR took it 2-0 recently, a close 2-0 however. I feel like this is a match that HR should be favored in, however you never know with both of these teams, inconsistency is strong here. At times both of these can exceed a lot of expectations and do quite well, and other times, well not so much. ATN can be a really good side when everybody is hitting their shots and they are just on their day, however as I said we have also seen large struggles by them, but same can be said about Hellraisers. Of course the Hellraisers’ guys are undergoing roster changes right now and what not, I am not even 100% if this is the final roster, so a bit of a uncomfortable situation there, however I reckon they should be taking this. Not the greatest of matches to bet on, however for me this is a 65-35 in favor of Hellraisers here, I feel like I am perhaps being a bit generous not giving it like a 60-40, however lets stick to 65-35.


3% HR if they are under 70%, otherwise 2-3% ATN here

My odds = 65-35 HR

My risk = High

My bet = 3% HR if they are under 70%, otherwise 2-3% ATN

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: HR 65:35 ATN

Option 2Bet ATN if odds 30% or less

Small (2%)

high risk

Feel like this game is closer than odds suggest. They played just a few days ago, and HR took it 2-0, but the matches were really even, and really close, and both maps should have gone either way. So we have two sides that played recently, in a really close game, and the odds are only 27% for ATN. This of course leads you to do the only logical thing you can do, a LOW/ICB on them. I do actually believe that HR will most likely take this game, but they are inconsistent, and if keev and the others can be on fire today, ATN have a good chance. They are famous for their CT sides, and HR for their T sides on certain maps, it will largely come down to this. LOW/ICB on ATN as odds stand now.

My odds for this match: HR 65:35 ATN

Option 2Bet ATN if odds 30% or less

Small (3%)

high risk


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