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Red Dot

Best Of 3
2015/12/08 21:00 UTC

Winner Dignitas

HR vs. Dignitas at Red Dot

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Interesting game here with 2 teams who could both easily win this, but both suffer from inconsistencies. They both on their good days can compete with anyone, and both on their bad days look completely average. Both teams reply on certain players to go big, and both teams have players who can play badly.

I actually like the new dignitas roster, I think they have a lot of potential, even more so than the one they had before. The main issue is consistency of a few of their players, and they rely on k0nfig to perform or I feel like they struggle. MSL and kjaerbye both need to be more consistent too if they are to be a force.

HR did really well yesterday against VP, but it is hard to say how much that means due to the current state of the Poles. They also rely on oscar, but I feel like a lot of his frags are not big impact kills, as a lot of them are exit frags or saving his AWP frags. I think s1mple was correct when he said he cares more about his own score than the teams. They also have issues with STYKO and Kucher not performing sometimes, which hurts them.

I think the odds right now for this game are correct and the result could really go either way. I slightly favour dignitas because I think they are a more rounded roster, and would suggest going LOW on them if odds stay below 60%, but this game really could go either way and you could realistically bet on either team.

My odds for this match: HR 45:55 Dignitas

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