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2016/03/07 19:00 UTC

Winner HR

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HR vs. Empire at CEVO

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Lots of rumours going around about the future of HR right now. It has been suggested that Kucher has been kicked, oskar has had offers from other teams and may or may not be leaving too. If he does though, then I guess STYKO will go too, and maybe even Zero. You don’t want to bet on HR right now that is for sure. Empire have the best upcoming player in electronic in their ranks, and for sure if he goes off and HR are not feeling it, Empire have a chance in this game. It is an important match for both teams as it is the first round of the bracket to see who goes to the CEVO finals. But if the HR side is half dead or people are playing who don’t care about the team, then this game won’t mean anything for them and they won’t be 100% focused.

I do expect HR to take this game if they care, as Empire seem to be in pretty mixed form right now, but we have seen HR lose to BD before, and know when they are off, they can be really low. Right now I would suggest a LOW/ICB bet on Empire, but this is a really risky one boys as we are still not aware who the 5th for HR is, or even what is up with their roster. Only bet on this game if you like a risk and can afford to take one.

My odds for this match: HR 70:30 Empire

HR seem to be going through some roster changes, at ESEA they played without Kucher, Smike played for them and they lost 16-2 to Penta and lost 16-7 to CPH in BO1’s with Smike. They also won 16-12 against Ence which is quite impressive although this was on Ence’s worst map Overpass. So obviously, Kucher was the caller of this team mainly because Kucher isn’t that much of a fragger, Angel wanted to fully focus on fragging rather than calling but that didn’t really seem to work out. Kucher got replaced by Smike so Angel will most likely be calling again. Smike isn’t necessarily a fragger so I’m a bit surprised by this pick, he is on a trial but there’s way better CIS players than Smike are IMO.

Empire will have a match for the BD Cup earlier today against YP so we can see whether they’re on point or not, overall a really good team who can surely pull out some upsets. They have good fraggers but like I said in the YP analysis, they rely on Electronic a lot. He has to drop 20-30 bombs if they want to win games. Now, Hellraisers are one of those teams who tend to lose against lower tier teams but do well against high tier teams. I do think that Hellraisers are the better team and are most likely going to win this as Oskar is just a beast and should be able to out-frag everyone on Empire, especially when he has STYKO and Zero on his side. As of now I suggest an ICB on Empire as the odds are 80-20 in favour of HR, this bet can change depending on the YP vs. Empire outcome.

ICB on Empire (Might get edited)

My odds for this match: HR 70:30 Empire


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