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UCC Europe

Best Of 3
2015/12/02 19:30 UTC

Winner FSid3

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HSGG vs. FSid3 at UCC Europe

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I am super excited to write this, as HS.GG has been in the making for a few months based around ex-HR player Dosia. This lineup features the likes of seasoned players like Dosia and Hooch, and also the Kazakhstan duo (also ex-Hellraisers players), mou and AdreN. The fifth player filling the spot is a player called ‘brain’. We don’t know too much about him, aside that he is a mediocre player and he also used to play for Team Swag Yolo when that was a thing. I think this will change in the future though, as more talented players from the CIS region will become available and also because roster changes are inevitable. Perhaps Waylander when he comes back from serving his time in the army or if a Russian giant team like Vega or Piter fall, perhaps a good player could join in here.

We don’t exactly know how powerful this team is and the damage that they can do, and this is their debut match. Despite all of this though, it is still a mix team in my eyes because we don’t exactly know how much they have practiced. The names on here are well known and we should expect a fighting performance in this match.


F3 is a good T2 team with some damn talented players. They have been looking great, and have been last seen winning against E-frag close to two weeks ago. This was a grand finals, and F3 were motivated and played well, ending the series 3-0 and winning $15,000.

Final thoughts and advice

I am super stoked to be seeing Dosia and his new team play, and so should you. I’ll be placing a small bet on them (probably just a key). Please do keep in mind that they are a new team, and we can’t expect picture perfect results from them. In the future, mistakes will be ironed out and this team will most likely become a high T3 or a T2 team. These guys definitely do have the potential to perform extremely well, seeing as it is pretty much like the old HR excluding the Ukranians. Flipsid3 aren’t pushovers though, and we should expect a win from them with HS.GG putting up some good resistance.


My odds for this match: HSGG 30:70 FSid3


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