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Counter Pit League

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2015/12/03 11:00 UTC

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Imm vs. Exile5 at Counter Pit League

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My odds for this match: Imm 50:50 Exile5

Interesting Aussie match here that could prove to me somewhat interesting, very interesting, or just something you read about when you wake up. Immunity most of you will know by now, they are one of the top Australian sides, recently knocking out C9 at the local event they attended. Their local form has been some what inconsistent. Beating Trident, losing to Chiefs, and losing the most important game of their Faceit season to Renegades on Cache.

Exile5 are not the same roster they were before. They have 3 new players in Pecks, digz, and DANZ, and honestly these are quite untried players. They are not that known, not that heard of, and as such are very unpredictable. They could of unearthed some talent, or they could be average. We won’t really know until the game starts.

Because the odds right now, so heavily favour Immunity, and there being too many unknown factors in this game, the risk is to high to bet in my opinion on this match. If you are Australian and have deep knowledge of the players involved, then perhaps you can make an educated guess on what to expect, but from what I have read, I expect Immunity to win, but with these odds, I personally wouldn’t risk it.

My odds for this match: Imm 65:35 Exile5

Just a short prediction here since my advice here is to skip.

Immunity are the top dogs of Australia, being one of three AU teams to have attended an international event (Legacy and Renegades are the other two). You would think that they would be able to win this 2-0, but with the inconsistency of how the scene currently is, you never really know. Still, I do think they will be able to grab one map and keep the skins safe. After all, this is a pretty important game seeing as it’s their first in to the Counter Pit League.

Exile 5 were hit with a roster change when the Oceania shuffle happened. I would take the lineup that HLTV has shown us with a grain of salt, and I honestly have no idea how these players will play. Looks like this match will be out initial indication on how relevant they are in the Oceania scene.

Final thoughts and advice

I would say skip here, or put a chunky bet on Immunity (not really recommended though, seeing as we haven’t seen either team play in so long). I would be pretty gob smacked if Immunity did lose 2 maps though.

My odds for this match: Imm 85:15 Exile5


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