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2016/03/01 20:00 UTC

Winner Infinity

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Infinity vs. Infused at CEVO

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I’m not sure about the line-ups of both teams but if I look at them as they are right now, I gotta favour Infinity quite a bit. Infinity’s line-up could be: awien, dejvin, pyromarne, baaten, jayzar(??). This is a really skilled line-up and they even managed to beat LDLC Blue. most of you might know star-awper jayzar. He’s an incredibly skilled awper and rather underrated in the pro-scene, could easily play for a tier2 team. but The problem of him is that he left this roster so I’m not sure whether he will be playing here or not. It will surely make a huge difference. The others are more or less known from ex-Publiclir and are also really good Swedish fraggers.

Infused’s line-up SHOULD be: mole, neilzinho, whindanski, som, zed. This was Infused’s line-up, they play for a new org now called Beasts so I think Lounge mixed Infused up with Beasts. This line-up does look pretty good, Whindanski is their starplayer and has to come up huge although I personally don’t think Beasts are able to beat Infinity. Again, I’m not entirely sure about Infinity’s line-up, I talked to some players but apparently they are not allowed to say whether they play or not, it’s pretty much a mystery to everyone and that’s a thing that scares me. If Infinity do indeed play with this line-up and it does get announced before it starts, make sure to drop something low on Infinity. If it does not get announced, rather just stay away from it as I don’t trust it personally.

Pick: Infinity

Bet: Skip | Low on Infinity [3%]

My odds for this match: Infinity 50:50 Infused

Pretty hard game to call as they are both fairly new sides, who have not played THAT many games together. On top of this, it is a BO1 which makes it even more unpredictable. The most we can really do is look at their CEVO record, to get an indication of the kinds of form both sides have been in. Starting with infinity, they took down Granted 16-11, LDLC. Blue 16-9, and lost to RCTIC 16-12, and stfuNerd 16-14. I do quite like some of their players however, with especially jayzaR seeing a good pickup.

The new infused boys have a pretty good record on CEVO. They do have a number of forfeit wins, but looking purely at the games where they won, they took down Granted 16-4, EURONICS 16-9, with their only loss coming as a forfeit one. They have a good blend of skill and experience, and it will be interesting to see how they perform.

I still think this is a 50-50 game, and the map and pistols will be hugely important. The best bet is to SKIP this game as it is purely a coin flip, but if I had to bet, I would just go LOW on Infinity as they are the underdog, and would hope for them to end up around 40% to make the bet make more sense.

Edit : with jayzaR not playing and people not really sure of their roster, would honestly not risk this game and save your skins for tomorrow.

My odds for this match: Infinity 50:50 Infused


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