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2016/03/24 13:00 UTC

Winner Tyloo

J2G vs. Tyloo at MBPL

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TyLoo are top1 in Asia easily and will be playing in a 3k prizepool league called MixBot Pro-League in a BO3 too, TyLoo went 2-0 in Groups in this league and will now be facing J2G who went 2-1 in the groups (lost against ToF). J2G are a fairly decent team with some ok fraggers but none of these fraggers are as good as TyLoo, again, TyLoo are top1 in Asia and I expect them to take this one 2-0 with probably 16-5 scorelines on both maps unless something extremely shady is going on.

My odds for this match: J2G 15:85 Tyloo


This is one that should be of rather ease for Tyloo. Tyloo are the powerhouses of Asia. They made a roster change of     -qz +Attacker recently due to qz being banned from Valve sponsored events, so far Attacker has been good for the Tyloo guys, statwise at least. Tyloo in Asia do not lose unless it is a CyberZen, Mongolz or Threats, which I mean it obviously isn’t so we’re good. Should be a whitewash this one, the best part is that unlike some very greedy and untrustworthy CIS teams, Tyloo even tho they are so, so, so often put at these 90-10 situations never do anything shady, which just massive respect to these guys. If you have a maxbet set throwing it here is a good idea, doubt you will get a return if you bet anything less really. 85-15 Tyloo.


Maxbet Tyloo here, if you have a set. If you do not have a set you are probably best skipping/ICBing.

My odds = 85-15 Tyloo

My risk = Low

My bet = Maxbet Tyloo, maybe two

My advice = Maxbet Tyloo if you got a set, otherwise skip/ICB

My odds for this match: J2G 15:85 Tyloo

The famous TyLoo max and relax goes into full force again. They recently had to let qz go due to his VAC ban and they have picked up an old player of theirs called AttackeR. In the games I have watched so far it is obvious he is still finding his feet. Saying that, the other guys in TyLoo are just supremely talented and dominate their entire region. Fancy1 is a player especially I cannot wait to see against EU opposition, to see just how good they really are. Should be a comfortable win for TyLoo here, LARGE on them and hope for overpay.

My odds for this match: J2G 20:80 Tyloo


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