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Operation Kinguin

Best Of 3
2016/03/14 18:00 UTC

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K1CK vs. E-Frag at Operation Kinguin Predictions

K1ck are having some roster changes, they dropped SOKER and contracted meisoN but yesterday against Galatics it was still SOKER who was playing, arki didn’t play and Jibrix was standing in. I’m not sure what K1ck’s line-up is going to be for this one but I don’t really think it matters. I know where K1ck are capable of, IMO they are more consistent than gBots and do have more potential to actually get better. They don’t rely on one player whereas gBots heavily rely on Mixwell. Anyway, K1ck dropping SOKER is a good thing as SOKER is clearly the worst player on this team, he doesn’t really fit in and does have a hard time fragging, ALEX and donQ are the best players of the team when it comes to fragging.

E-Frag got stomped by CPH Wolves yesterday for the DreamHack qualifier, the thing here was that dream3r didn’t play, myself and more people didn’t know this was a Valve sponsored tournament and I believe even hltv didn’t know as dream3r was on the line-up for hours and got changed 5 minutes before the match started to pnshr. Obviously pnshr is not a tier2 player and may be good against tier4 teams but tier3 / 2 teams are simply too hard for him, I believe he had an average of 15 frags on 3 maps. dream3r being back is a huge upgrade, this makes E-Frag from a tier3 to a tier2 team.

E-Frag should obviously be able to win this one, dream3r is back so E-Frag are more consistent and are back to being a tier2 team instead of tier3. K1ck do have some good fragging power and a pretty strong mappool but they are still ”just” a tier3 team. E-Frag overall seem fairly consistent against lower tier teams in IMPORTANT leagues. I think E-Frag will win here but there is some tiny upset potential and I don’t think E-Frag deserve 80% here, either skip or go with an ICB on K1ck.

My odds for this match: K1CK 30:70

Option 1Bet if odds 75% or less

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high risk

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hMkhMk Suggests skipping this match

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