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Rising Stars

Best Of 3
2016/01/16 17:15 UTC

Winner KappaMA

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KappaMA vs. Blacklist at Rising Stars

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This is the first ever event that Rising Stars has ever hosted in North Africa, and one of the first to ever be put on the lounge and on HLTV. A little while ago though we saw a couple of these teams on the lounge and HLTV. A couple of those teams from the first event are back at it again, this time playing in the Rising Stars. Some of these teams include Viva Algeria, KappaMA and Hyper4mance.


I did mention before that we have seen KappaMA make an appearance in the last North African event, but that event was only a single elimination so we saw them play a total of just one time. Their match was against ‘Whisper’, and they lost 1-2. The map that they did take, it took them a lot of effort and went into three OT’s before they finally secured the map win. As for the other two maps, they didn’t put up much of a fight and lost both with scorelines of 9-16.

Since that match, there has been one roster change. -Stisoko, +vespeR.

According to the steam group though, the lineup is SKiNNY, YOSHy, vespeR, cactus, uRa. (?) Source:

Not too sure if this is an error on HLTV’s side or if the steam group isn’t updated. but the 5 members of the steam group as admins are presumed to be the players playing in this match.


This team is coming in from Tunisia, and I honestly couldn’t find anything on them or their steam information. Their name is very common so just a general search won’t come up with their steam group. To add onto that, pretty much all of their names are vague and quite general too, so I can’t find anything on that. I’m sorry about that :/

Final thoughts and advice?

We have rarely any information on any of these teams, besides KappaMA participating in an event before and even now we aren’t 100% sure of the lineup that’ll be used for this match. To add onto that, I can’t find Blacklist or their players anywhere.

I don’t know what Blacklist has to offer skill wise, but KappaMA were good enough to get into the first North Africa event, I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that they are the more skilled team here. Betting on this match is basically betting blind however.


My odds for this match: KappaMA 60:40 Blacklist


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