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99Damage Arena

Best Of 3
2015/12/18 18:00 UTC

Winner Phoenix

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KFish vs. Phoenix at 99Damage Arena

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Hi guys,

Thijs here once again doing a prediction. This time it will be between KFish and Phoenix. It is a best of 3 and the maps are TBA. This match is hard to predict since we don’t have a lot of information on Phoenix.

Let me start of with Killerfish. They are a decent team from Germany. They have beaten teams like (ex-orgless), E-frag and lesser teams like BLUEJAYS, Caseking, close lose to DenDD. The past matches of Kfish are mostely wins. They won against Ducks, 1 map against Penta ( best of 3 ) and bluejays. The wins against Ducks and Bluejays was quite ‘easy’. Kfish went 16-0 against Ducks on Cobble and 16-10 on Cache. Against Bluejays they had the same maps and won them 16-8 and 16-9. Kfish best maps are : Cache, recently on dust2, decent on train, overpass and cobble. Mirage was a good map for Kfish but recently it went downhill for Kfish on this map.

Phoenix is a newly formed team. They are a mixed team of some German, Turkish and Vietnamese players. We have seen them play against Arcade yesterday. They won 2-1. It was a sort of close game. They played dust2, Mirage and Cache. The matches ended in 16-12, 12-16 and 16-11. This is pretty much all the info we have on them. We don’t know which maps they prefer etc.

With the current results of Kfish and the big map pool they have i really think they can take it. However Phoenix is a new team and sometimes new teams work out for a while since other teams don’t know how to read them. I think Kfish is able to win against Phoenix the risk is still high though. Like i said it might no be able for Kfish to read Phoenix and that way they might lose it.

With the current odds i feel like going low on Kfish is a good shot. Keep in mind that you only should bet on 50/50 matches if you can handle a lose.

Good luck!


My odds for this match: KFish 55:45 Phoenix

KILLERFISH are playing really well against Vexed right now, they pulled off a huge comeback on the first map (cobblestone) as they were down 4-14 and still managed to win it 19-17 in overtime, they are also doing quite well on inferno right now, which is quite surprising as they have never won this map before. KILLERFISH is the second best team in Germany in my opinion, they were constantly showing good results against better teams such as DenDD, PENTA,, Reason, E-Frag, SK Gaming and many more, they even proved themselves on lan as they attended ESL Meisterschaft Winter where they made it to the final and had a close match against PENTA there.

Phoenix is a mix team of shady players that constantly get accused of cheating, they were known as ttc before and two players got banned, it was xenn and dukiii if I’m not mistaken. Phoenix played one match under this name, they beat Arcade 2-1 which is not that impressive really, Arcade is pretty much a mix of russian players right now as they had a couple of roster changes, they didn’t get used to the new players yet.

Nothing more to say here really, KILLERFISH should take this but betting against shady teams is never a good idea, I’d suggest a small bet on KILLERFISH.

My odds for this match: KFish 60:40 Phoenix

Phoenix if some of you might remember, if the old TTC, the roster with dukiii etc, who had a lot of impressive results, and a lot of people worried about the legitimacy of the player mentioned. He was recently banned and this was no surprise to pretty much everyone. I don’t really think he was the only one cheating, and ayken can be pretty strange when he wants to be.

Kf1sh are playing at the moment against Vexed, a match I actually expected them to win, and I would expect them to win this one too. With the odds being how they are, you could argue for a bet on Kfish, but with the uncertainty and cheat accusations about the other team, I honestly think skipping here to be the safest option. We all know that CSGL will instantly close this game even if they are cheating and do you really want to spend your Friday night cursing at the fact you risked it on a game like this.

My odds for this match: KFish 55:45 Phoenix


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