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2016/03/24 01:00 UTC

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KKona vs. LG at ESL

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First match between these two and we are on Overpass. This is a match that LG should really be winning, KKona is the old AGG basically, RooRoo, Twistz, Els, Invert and Ocean. The team is not really any good to be honest, they are yet to win a ESL match and while they’ve had some close scorelines with some teams, like I said they do not have a win yet, and predicting their first win to come against LG is a tough one. AGG basically needs RooRoo and Twist to go absolutely insane here with the others chipping in too, otherwise, no chance my friend. The duo is instrumental for KKona and when they are quiet, the team is quiet. Obviously LG has been performing bad in NA recently, they are getting the results however the fashion they are getting them is not convincing, at all. Just because LG has pre major syndrome really hard right now, that is why I am not maxing this. BO1 and with LG have looked, not worth it my friends. The best thing you can do here is skip or ICB KKona if they are below like 90%, I don’t see much of a chance for them but it is what it is.


Skip this or if you have skins to throw away, ICB them on KKona here if they are below 90%. Dont bet LG at these odds, they should really just 16:5 this, however you never know.

My odds = 85:15 LG

My risk = High

My bet = ICB Kkona if above 90%, otherwise skip

My advice = Same as my bet


My odds for this match: KKona 15:85 Luminosity

Option 2Skip


Don't waste money on this match.

Easily the safest match of the day. It is a BO1 but KKona haven’t won a single BO1 in EEPL and them winning one against LG, who are #1 in EEPL right now? I honestly can’t see this happening at all. The thing here is; the odds. Right now, before the major, I wouldn’t suggest going high on LG as so far, they seem to be saving strats. Either go with an ICB on KKona or SKIP!

My odds for this match: KKona 15:85 Luminosity

LG seem to be winning their games but they seem to be a little close because they are saving things for the major perhaps, or really just not on their game. This is a game against a side that have yet to win a single game in Pro League, and I find it hard to believe it starts tonight. The only slight issue I have is,LG don’t reaaaallly need this win. They are at the top right now, and should easily make the top 4. They had net issues last night, and their T side on Overpass has seemed really poor since they have been ‘saving’ things. I usually would just bet on LG here, and although I expect them to take this, at these odds before the major, I don’t feel that confident. Shove some trash on KKONA and see what happens

My odds for this match: KKona 20:80 Luminosity


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