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2016/04/07 06:10 UTC

Winner Obey
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KKona vs. Obey at ECS Predictions

KKona … don’t want to say too much about this team, we all know they’re 0-12 in ESEA right now and are just not looking good, they have good players with Twistzz and Rooroo but both of these guys are just extremely inconsistent, when on point, they can do damage but that’s the thing, either Twistzz is on point or Rooroo is point, one guy can’t carry KKona, both players have to be on point but this rarely happens and that’s the biggest problem of KKona right now. IMO Twistzz has to leave this roster as this guy deserves way better. Twistzz won’t play in this match BTW.

Most has been said about Obey in the analysis vs. EchoFox, team with potential, my favourite NA premier team and I expect them to do well in ECS as well.

KKona’s only ”OK” map is Mirage and this is also a map Obey love playing, this is going to be a 50-50 map and might decide whether this will be a 2-0 to Obey or a 1-1. That being said; I expect Obey to at least win 1 map here as they are the better team and have IMO the better players especially now rabbit / feNeK / ANDROID steps in for Twistzz. Obey shouldn’t lose this 0-2.

My odds for this match: KKona 40:60 Obey

I think that Kkona could have had a good chance going into this game, but unfortunately, they lost their best player. Twistz has been trialing and performing well for another side, and because he is under no contract, they can just sweep him up. They are playing instead with feNek, who is not a bad player, but a player of the AceG kind of level, which are a near to the bottom Premier level. Overall, the roster in Obey is a lot stronger, and they would need a massive performance from rooRoo in Kkona to have any chance in this match. I firmly believe Obey to be more skilled, more organised, and probably more hungry to take this. LOW on Obey here.

My odds for this match: KKona 40:60 Obey

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