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Best Of 2
2015/12/07 22:00 UTC

No Winner Announced

LC vs. ES at APM

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Right so not sure where to start here. I’m English and I follow the UK scene closely…

This is going to be a best of 2 between a upcoming Norwegian + Swedish Token team with some really strong talent against a very tilty UK team.


Now London Conspiracy are currently in a really strong form. Beating HellRaisers 2-1 beating them on Mirage & Inferno and causing a lovely little upset that sloth managed to call a low bet on not so long ago… I think for there map choice in the Best of 2 they would be more then likely choosing Mirage as I personally believe this is by far there strongest map they could face a team like EzSkins on.


Now what annoys me about this team is they really punch above there weight every time. I’m all for playing better teams to get better but these guys crumble against good strong teams and this is exactly where I see LC being a big weakness for them. Watching there gameplay all I see is a unorganised team falling like dominoes whenever they face a good opponent. I really think the reasons the % is currently so high for them is because everyone is going “OMG THEY BEAT RENEGADES AT LAN THEY ARE AMAZING” and we all know that Renegades just looked AWFUL during that game. I think EzSkins will go for a DD2 map choice against LC. I really can’t see them being confident enough in any other choices.



Well its a Bo2 normally I would say bet on the underdog here but personally I’m considering to skip due to the odds being so high. LC really should spank this 2-0 and I think when more people place bets the odds might go to 90-10% so its more then likely going to be a skip. Unless we see a huge increase in the odds on ES I advise you to skip it also.

If the odds do change to 70% on LC I recommend a low-mid bet depending on inventory size.



My odds for this match: LC 70:30 ES

Predictions Status:
ModestSimplicityModestSimplicity Suggests skipping this match
Mr. SlothMr. Sloth Suggests skipping this match

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