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99Damage Arena

Best Of 3
2015/12/03 19:00 UTC

Winner LC

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LC vs. HR at 99Damage Arena

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Current Roster


With these odds a small bet on London Conspiracy is pretty good. They have some pretty good players such as Mystic, Polly, and more, and their online results have been pretty good. They just destroyed Epsilon 2-0 today, winning Overpass 16-1 starting T side. While they did lose to E-Frag and Penta, on the bright side they recently beat LDLC White 2-1 and tied Vexed 1-1.

Hellraisers have also been doing really well. I like their lineup a lot too. Oskar has been going insane frag-wise, and he almost always hits his shots with the awp. Schneider is a great player who appears to be helping out the roster a lot, and Styko is stepping up at times too. While they have been getting mostly wins, I think they still might be a little overhyped. They beat Mouseports on Train 16-13, but Mouz’s Train isn’t good at all. They’ve also played multiple matches against tier one teams and strong tier two teams, and they can’t get any upsets at all. Still though, they should for sure be favored here.

With these odds a low bet is good on LC, but don’t get your hopes up too much. Hellraisers should be taking this, but there is a small chance for an upset. Good luck!

My odds for this match: LC 38:62 HR

London Conspiracy

LC is a team full of potential but as of yet, we haven’t seen too many good showings from them. Back when the team was announced, betting AGAINST them was a viable option to make money a lot. Luckily enough though, it looks like they have been starting to take things a lot more seriously and are actually going for wins.

They have played 3 matches recently, all resulting in wins for LC. 2-0’s against Epsilon, Playing Ducks and No Problem. In the November/October time period, their results showed us that they were a T2 team but on the lower side of the ladder. This will be their first ‘real test’ to see how they perform against a team which is actually an above average T2 team.


HR is a team which has impressively improved over the past month or so since adding schneider to the lineup. It’s looking quite promising for them to be restored to their former glory and become one of the better T2 teams out there. It has been quite some time since we’ve seen them play however, with their last match being against Vega (2-0 win for HR) back in late November.

Against T1 teams, HR can sometimes get close but can never really win against them besides perhaps picking up a map off them or taking it to a very close scoreline in OT. However, against T2 teams, they do have the potential to play very, very well.

Final thoughts and advice

This match is for the 99 Damage Arena, an event where LC has played very well (all wins so far) and this is the first match of the event that we will see HR play. I’m not sure if they will take this serious or not, but from the teamwork and individual skill perspective, I can say that HR has the advantage here.

30-70 are my personal odds here, and I’ll most likely throw some skins on HR for fun.

My odds for this match: LC 30:70 HR


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