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CS:GO Minor

Best Of 1
2016/01/30 12:00 UTC

Winner HR

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LD vs. HR at CS:GO Minor

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Current Roster



The LemonGods organisation had acquired the AliGon team for this specific event, and according to their page, they have bootcamped for 2 days at Inferno Online. Well known names have passed through this organisation over the years and they definitely know how to support a team. This lineup is made up of 4 Swedish players and a th3 farm3r from Hungary. Their lineup is as follows:

  • xelos
  • khobra
  • kab0m
  • maektig
  • th3 farm3r

Although this lineup has yet to win a match this year, out of the three they have played, all 3 series’ have been rather close and they have put up some promising results. They lost 0-2 to Vexed but got to 12 rounds on Overpass and 13 on Mirage. They also took a BO3 down to the bloody wire against Alternate Attax and took a map off BX3 in a BO3.


HR has been on a decline from mid 2015 in my opinion. They were once one of the best T2 teams around and now they have this lineup. They aren’t too bad I guess but nothing compared to what their previous lineup showed. According to the HR site, the crew has been preparing for this event for a month now and it is important that they do well in this event to avoid dropping off the radar of the competitive scene.

Their lineup for this event will be:

  • ANGE1
  • oskar
  • kUcher
  • zero

In the qualifier for this event, Hellraisers were upset by CG losing 1-2 to this little known team. They were given a last chance redemption match where HR went on to beat MIINLATE and thus qualified for the Minor.

Final thoughts and advice

A lot of these players from both teams haven’t played up on a big stage for a while, if at all and we’re not too sure on how they’ll perform. Playing on LAN is very very different to playing online in the comfort of your own home where there isn’t as much pressure so conditions are extremely different and possibly game changing for some players.

I’m going to place a small bet on LemonDogs. It’s a BO1 after all and with the recent form of HR, betting a good enough value to get anything back at all will be too risky imo.

My odds for this match: LD 20:80 HR

The odds for this match are absolutely ridiculous, HellRaisers are one of the most inconsistent teams and they have been losing against lower teams quite a bit lately. HellRaisers got upset by Nostalgie, Revival and Vexed when the odds were very one sided and skewed in favor of HellRaisers, being at over 80% after so many terrible matches is just unacceptable, especially in a best of one against a decent team.

Lemondogs is ex-AliGon which is a pretty good swedish mix, their recent results are not as good as HR’s, but they managed to beat Alternate Attax 2-1 and also played a very close best of three against Vexed. Lemondogs got a decent roster with few frag machines like t3h f4rm3r and KAB0M, can’t really say more about Lemondogs as they haven’t played many matches with this lineup yet, the team is fairly new and we should give them some time. Lemondogs have a good chance in taking this match, I would give them around 35-40%, current odds are a joke…

My odds for this match: LD 40:60 HR


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