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2016/02/17 03:00 UTC

Winner Luminosity
compLexity Gaming

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LG vs. coL at ESL

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Another BO1 between the same teams, 2nd map will be Train and this should once again be a clean up from LG. I give CoL more chances on Inferno than on Train as LG can really turn up on this map with insane plays from especially FalleN. Should (once again) be an easy match for LG. Let’s go with the same amount as the other BO1, 10% of your inventory.

My odds for this match: Luminosity 85:15 compLexity Gaming


So once again, same match different map, this time it is Train here. Train is a map that I like LG on more than Inferno, and it is also not such a ”common” map. If you are a new team, you will do your Cache’s, your Inferno’s, your Mirage’s and what not first rather than doing Train, hence why I give CoL a much lesser chance of taking this than Inferno, however we never know. Like I said previously, to me LG are a team that does a lot worse in NA matchups than they do in European lans, no idea why, just seems that way. Obviously LG are the more skilled and experienced team here, they should be taking this quite easily, however for me betting isn’t just ”xx vs xx pick winner”. CoL currently find themselves at 12%, and like, that’s unfair I feel. This is a NA BO1 and CoL does have some decent players that could cause damage, and they’ve shown in the past week they have potential. Overall, simply going to ICB on CoL here, betting on LG with these odds is not the smartest of decisions I do not think, sure they will win however the risk/reward for me is just not there.


Simply going to ICB CoL due to the odds here. Betting on LG at a BO1 here with 88-12 odds? Yeah no thank you. Sure LG will most likely win, but the risk/reward is not there, at all. Recommend ICB’ing/Skipping this one. Less likely to upset than Inferno I feel, as Train is such a more tactically demanding map.

My odds = 80-20 LG

My risk = High

My bet = ICB CoL

My advice = ICB CoL/Skip

My odds for this match: Luminosity 80:20 compLexity Gaming

Not sure much needs to be written about this game as it should be some what of a formality. LG looked really impressive in their first game vs coL, and I expect more of the same here. If LG can start CT and take the pistol, unless coL perform a miracle, I don’t see how LG will lose this game. They are the best side in NA right now, with top players, strats, team work, desire. Complexity are just a side starting out, and finding their feet, they will need a lot of work to take down a side of LG and I don’t believe they are ready for it yet.

My odds for this match: Luminosity 75:25 compLexity Gaming


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