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2016/03/11 03:00 UTC

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LG vs. NRG at ESL Predictions

2nd BO1 between these two teams on Mirage, also a map LG love playing. This should be an easy map for LG and I expect them to take it fairly comfortably although the question once again is; server difficulties. For now, I will call it an ICB for NRG depending on how it goes on Inferno. If LG have no difficulties on Inferno then they should be able to stomp NRG on Mirage here, if LG do have difficulties then my ICB on NRG will stand as it is.

EDIT: Doesn’t look like LG are having any problems with the server today. Changing to LG.

High (15%) on LG

My odds for this match: Luminosity 85:15 NRG eSports

Second game here between these 2 and again is a good map for LG and a good but not the best map for NRG. It is of course Mirage. NRG know how to play this map, and have had mixed results on it. LG are famous for their Mirage, and are one of the best sides in the world on it. Their T side can be lacking a little sometimes, but even a poor T side should be too much for the NRG boys to handle, and this should be a decent win for LG. I wouldn’t personally bet on this game until we have seen the first due to issues with servers etc, but if things go as planned for the first map, MED on LG for this game as the most logical bet.

My odds for this match: Luminosity 75:25 NRG eSports

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