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2016/03/22 00:00 UTC

Winner Luminosity
Team SoloMid

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LG vs. TSM at CEVO

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So this is the qualifier of the semi-final here, BO3 between these two so LG should take this at least somewhat serious as if you lose, you don’t qualify for the CEVO LAN I believe. We have seen that Pre Major LAN syndrome in LG the past few weeks as we saw them drop to Selfless in a BO3 and then nearly lost a map to Splyce yesterday, which I was not expecting at all. However I really hope and think that LG will be able to close this one out quickly as once again as I said, this one is for more marbles than just a random ESL BO1. TSM has been showing us some nice results recently, so that is definitely an improvement, however ehh, they should not trouble LG too much here, they could snatch a map perhaps but above that, not really. I think LG should just be able to outskill TSM here as TSM does not have many fraggers in that team, especially if Sick and Autimatic are having an off day, that should be a whitewash. Don’t bet on this if it gets too ridiculous odds however or your inventory can’t afford it, not worth the return.


I wouldn’t go high here mainly because as I said that pre major syndrome for LG which is worrying, however they should take this. If your inventory is big enough and a medium returns a decent amount, I’d go medium here on LG as long as they are below 95% as below that it’s just a nono and I’d ICB TSM. If you have a low inventory, then don’t bother here, skip/ICB TSM for you.

My odds = 80-20 LG

My risk  = Medium

My bet = Might single max LG here if below 95%, otherwise skip/ICB

My advice = If your inventory allows and you like to be risky, medium LG here, if not, just skip/ICB TSM.

My odds for this match: Luminosity 80:20 Team SoloMid

Option 2Bet Team SoloMid if odds 5% or less
Team SoloMid


high risk

I’m going to keep this short, LG have been looking really bad online, their T side isn’t as it’s supposed to be and they seem to be slumping as of now. TSM on the other hand look surprisingly good, the addition of adren so far works out and they seem like they know what they’re doing. The odds on Lounge are 90-10 in favour of a slumping LG, just go with an ICB on TSM or skip this one as LG do not deserve 90%. IMO they deserve 80% MAX.

My odds for this match: Luminosity 75:25 Team SoloMid

Option 1Bet Luminosity if odds 80% or less

Medium (8%)

high risk


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