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2016/03/04 02:00 UTC

Winner Liquid
compLexity Gaming

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Liquid vs. coL at CEVO

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I am a Liquid fanboy, take anything I say with a pinch of salt, I will try to keep as modest as possible, however this is all opinions and my opinion may or may not sway a bit towards Liquid here, as I am not the most of neutral people on them. This is a game that Liquid should be winning, however they have dropped a map to CoL a month or two ago, and should have dropped the 2nd too, however S1mple carried really hard to a 16:14 win. This was when CoL were a brand new team, like a week new, however so were Liquid with the addition of S1mple. You could argue that CoL in a honeymoon period and I mean, they’ve already gone through a few tough results already. I think that this CoL lineup has potential’, however they have shown nothing really to make me believe that they can consistently beat Liquid in a BO3 ,especiallly since Liquid are playing with Koosta here. CoL stands out to me to be a team of a lot of individual players, however Liquid will just stomp you aim wise, or at least that is what should be happening, that team is stacked, and in the tactical department, while Shinobi is good and all, Liquid with their experience should have the advantage once again. There were leaked chatlogs of Shinobi saying he can’t win with Frod, and honestly Frod is dreadful most of the time, however makes you wonder what their team chemistry is. Keep in mind that this is NA matches, so anything can happen here really, especially since Liquid have not looked the best, however I think as time keeps going forward, they will improve and improve. Overall, 75-25 in favor of Liquid here.


7-10% Liquid if under 82%, otherwise ICB/2-3% CoL here.

My odds = 75-25 Liquid

My risk = Medium

my bet = 7-10% Liquid if under 82%, otherwise ICB/2-3% CoL

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: Liquid 75:25 compLexity Gaming

Should be a semi comfortable win for Liquid if all things go as planned, but judging from when both sides played last time, it could be a close game. Liquid of course back from MLG, where they had massive issues with leading in game, and it will be interesting to see how much they have worked on things since as I believe Hiko was going to be taking over. They did firmly say that nitr0 will not be doing it anymore, and it honestly really affected his performances when he had to call. He became a really average fragger, and they need him hitting his shots.

Complexity are not a bad side, albeit I feel fRod is going to have a really hard time competing with koosta, but shinobi, roca and dephh are all good riflers, and this game could be tricky for Liquid. It is an important game however, and I do expect Liquid to take it and would suggest going MED on them at a HIGH risk.

My odds for this match: Liquid 70:30 compLexity Gaming


Liquid qualified for MLG Columbus and koosta will be playing for adren, can’t get any better for Liquid here. 5 players, 5 insane fraggers on this team, so much potential, I’m just not sure which NA team is actually able to beat them. Are Complexity?

Well, they do have the potential but we matches we have seen from them so far have been rather shaky. Complexity seem to rely on roca and dephh to make some sick individual plays, frod’s awping is not on point yet either so overall Complexity are just a 2 man army team against a fired up Liquid. I don’t think Complexity stand a chance here, upsets do happen in NA, but I’m not expecting one here at all.

70-30 Liquid

Medium (10%) on Liquid


My odds for this match: Liquid 70:30 compLexity Gaming


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