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2016/02/20 02:00 UTC

Winner Liquid

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Liquid vs. Noble at CEVO

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Liquid vs Cloud9 supposed to be the first match without adreN, sadly the match got canceled and we didn’t get to see Liquid playing without a proper in game leader, now this is officially their first match with the new lineup and I’ve gotta say, it should be pretty easy for Liquid.

Noble eSports is a mediocre ESEA-Premier team with a decent lineup, yay, Char and virtus are very good and experienced as they used to play in teams like SKDC and such. Noble eSports are currently 4-1 in ESEA-Premier beating teams like NoID, WinOutNET, Vanquish, RONINgg and recently lost a match against Tectonic 14-16 on inferno. Noble are better than majority of Premier teams, but it is still pretty much a pug team and they are just not good enough to compete against the best teams in North America, the team is relatively new and they still lose a ton of scrims against mediocre Main/Premier teams, Liquid are just too strong for them.

Liquid had to swap their roles after cutting adreN, I believe Hiko or nitr0 will call in this match and I believe they are just as good as adreN was when it comes to calling, they might not even need any strats as their fire power is insane compared to Noble’s, Liquid will most likely just try to win the duels and it should work very well for them. I don’t see Noble taking a map here, Liquid should be able to take this very convincingly.

My odds for this match: Liquid 85:15 Noble


Now Liquid do not appear to be in the best of shapes right now, however that is against good NA teams like LG, CoL, Tempo, and even so they keep the scorelines ridiculously close. Now they’ve added Koosta to the lineup, and yes they will be using him here instead of Adren. Yes there will be not much calling necessarily, but honestly, how much do you need to call against Noble? This should just straight up be a stump. If there is one thing that Liquid has, that is firepower, and a whole bunch of it. This roster right now is stacked, for me definitely the best, actual NA team out there, excluding the Brazilian guys obviously. Maaaaaybe, somehow if the Liquid guys aren’t landing their shots Noble could pull out a map, but two? Like this is NA and all, however that should not  be happening,at all. Noble is a decent team for their level, premier teams, however not vs teams like Liquid, not at all. My only problem is that Liquid underestimates Noble, however given their recent form, they’ll be happy with any win they can get. 90-10 for Liquid here, and they really should be taking this.


Going to maxbet Liquid here, simply put. If you do not have a maxbet, I doubt you will really get a return, however going high here, if your high is above 100$ is a good idea I reckon. If you’re high is like 50 dollars or something here, don’t bother, won’t get a return.

My odds = 90-10 Liquid

My Risk = Low

My bet = Max Liquid

My advice = Max Liquid. If got no maxbet set, high on them if high is above 100$, otherwise skip.

My odds for this match: Liquid 90:10 Noble


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