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2016/02/14 22:00 UTC

Winner TStorm

Liquid vs. TStorm at IEM

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Going to keep this one shorter since it starts shortly. My schedule should be back on point starting tomorrow, so there will be less of this. 



I’ve been watching Liquid play every one of their matches with S1mple so far, and honestly been less than impressed really. Obviously they tied 1-1 with CoL, in a matchup that they should have lost honestly, but CoL kinda choked on Dust2, and did that pretty hard. Then they played Luminosity in the same format, two back to back BO1’s, where they did do better, and nearly won however I feel like LG weren’t playing up to their usual standard, and for some reason LG to play so much worse than they do in EU LAN’s, it’s strange really. Obviously Liquid should be favorites here,and should be winning BO3’s like this, however I would not bet my house on it. TempoStorm is obviously the ex Games Academy, basically the other top Brazilian team living in NA, basically live next to Luminosity and practice with them and what not, and by no means are these guys bad, they’ve shown that they can be a very promising up and coming NA team, beating teams like Winterfox, CoL, NME and what not, impressive stuff all around, and in general they have been on the uprise in the past few seasons. Overall for me this is a 65-35 match, I really do think that Liquid should step it up and take it here, however TS are a force to be reckoned with, and I would not be too surprised if they upset Liquid here. Not as confident as in the CoL upset, since it is a BO3 now obviously, however the chance is there.


So just going to play the odds here. As long as Liquid are below 72%, I will drop 5% on them, however if they are above, which they honestly most likely will, I will go 2-3% on TS here in the hopes of an upset. Really high risk game so low bets only please.

My odds = 65-35 Liquid

My risk = High

My bet = 5% Liquid if under 72%, otherwise 2-3% TS

My advice = Same as my bet.

My odds for this match: Liquid 65:35 TStorm


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