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2016/02/26 21:45 UTC

Winner Liquid

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Liquid vs. YP at MLG

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Will make this one quick as it starts soon, regardless of how Liquid played against HR, they should of closed this game out and won the match. They had match point and honestly elige lost them the game. I have lost count how many times he has done this and I even called it 20 seconds before it happened that he was going to push and die. YP look like there are their for the holiday and I don’t see how they win this game. This should be a comfortable win for the NA side, and I would suggest going MED on them.

My odds for this match: Liquid 80:20 YP

YP played like complete crap against mousesports, they got absolutely demolished 1-16 on cobblestone and it looked like a pug to be honest, I didn’t expect anything more from them since they attended this event with a mix team of russian and polish players, pretty sure they can barely communicate as YP’s players don’t speak english that much.

Liquid however, played very well against HellRaisers and they were very close to taking the match, unfortunately for them Hiko underperformed and lost few crucial rounds, it was still way close than it should since HellRaisers were up 14-10 and suddenly Liquid won 5 rounds in a row, the only reason HellRaisers managed to get OT is due to ANGE1’s sick 1v2 clutch, otherwise Liquid would take the match 16-14.

Well I don’t think there’s much more to say here, I’m almost sure that Liquid will win this match since YP are terrible and they are basically pugging.

My odds for this match: Liquid 90:10 YP


Gotta keep this quick since match is about to start. This for me is a straight skip here. Yes YP got absolutely smashed in their previous game, however that was versus MouseSports, and Mouz looked quite good  and this is Liquid, a team that struggles vs Noble and Ex Astral Authority. With the odds being 90-10 for a BO1, there is absolutely no reason to force a Liquid bet here, none. I do not trust them nearly enough to do sufficient damage here and go high on them, not only because it’s inconsistent Liquid but also because it is a BO1. Overall, 75:25 Liquid and I honestly just recommend watching this. If you want to force a bet, go ICB/low on YP.


My odds = 75-25 Liquid

My risk = High

My bet = Skip

My advice = Skip, if want to force a bet for w/e reason, ICB/Low YP


My odds for this match: Liquid 75:25 YP


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