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Quickshot Arena

Best Of 1
2016/01/07 18:15 UTC

Winner LLL

LLL vs. Orbit at Quickshot Arena

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I thought these guys weren’t going to be around together as a team anymore? Looks like they are still sticking together as the only Benelux team in CSGO ‘known’ at the moment. They really haven’t been able to put up any good results lately, even when CRUC1AL was on the team. Their last match was back in December 2015 in the QuickShot Arena’s where they lost to Piter 4-16 on Mirage to AliGon 14-16 on Dust 2. In fact, out of the 10 games they have played since making the team in November, they have only had 3 wins, with one being against the UK FM-eSports and the other two being against eSuba *note: slightly different lineups were used for the eSuba matches.


There is little information about the female lineup representing Orbit, but in the one event they were invited to participate in (QuickShot Arena #18) they did absolutely horribly, losing both of their matches by a huge margin. A loss to nEophyte on Inferno, 2-16 and to London Conspiracy on Overpass 1-16.

Final thoughts and advice

Even though I don’t have full faith on the LLL lineup, I do know that they can beat Orbitfe. If they don’t, then honestly I’m going be be surprised and they should disband if they lose (not saying because I hate LLL, but Orbitfe isn’t particularly skilled). Medium on LLL is what I think would be appropriate but I would wait for the odds to settle down.

My odds for this match: LLL 80:20 Orbit

Not much to say here really, LowLandLions is a mediocre tier 3 team with quite crappy results, however, beating Orbit.fe shouldn’t be a big issue for them as this is probably the worst female team in the history of competitive Counter Strike, Orbit played only two matches in the last few months, they lost both – 1:16 against London Conspiracy on overpass and 2:16 against nEophyte on inferno, that’s pretty much it, they haven’t played anything besides these two matches.

LowLandLions will stomp Orbit here, should be a pretty safe bet despite the best of 1 format.

My odds for this match: LLL 80:20 Orbit

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