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2015/12/02 03:00 UTC

Winner ex-Denial

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Method vs. Denial at Fragadelphia

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Denial have some up and down results recently, getting crushed by NME then doing the same to Fe. It shows how inconsistent this team can be, and what their highs and lows can look like.

Method are very much the same, having games where they look close to the top of NA, like beating LG and coL, then show us again where their true spot is getting crushed by teams like NME.

Method are most likely going to have a sub for Eley, but this shouldn’t play a huge role considering he was more of a support player and the skill level of these teams.

I think after that game vs Fe Denial is a little overhyped. But again, they do have a one map advantage in a BO5 here.

The two things to take note of here are the players individual skill and the map pools of these teams. Both like cache as their main map with inferno and mirage as their others. The thing is, Method is a bit better skillwise. Considering the fact that these maps will all be pretty close, I think this should give them the advantage. But again, Denial has the one map advantage. I think the wise thing here would be to go small Method, I’d say they can take 3/4 maps here.

My odds for this match: Method 45:55 ex-Denial

Team Denial is being way too hyped just for having a one map advantage. On paper and real world perormance, Method has a better chance at taking this game than the odds suggest. Similar to the other skewed odds on NA games, it’s usually due to bettors looking at team performance rather than the team lineup itself.
Team Method has a spectacular lineup for this game with players such as DAVEY and TabseN both being talented riflers along with TabseN being a german player who’s extremely experienced having played on PENTA against other EU teams. One player that stands out on Method is SileNt3m who has been known to be a nutty fragger. Performance on this team is similar to Denial’s. Inconsistent. Which begs me to question why the odds are so skewed but as bettors, we’re here to take advantage of that.
Team Denial is similar to Method although lacking the name recognition in the NA scene. Players like Shinobi and witmer having unique and effective play-styles. The talent is here along with the performance but this team lacks consistency which makes me wary to bet on this game. Denial also lacks experience when compared to Method’s players so that should be fun to watch in this game. Denial’s only advantage here is having a one map advantage while everything else is at similar level.
Denial and Method are extremely similar teams, having Method being underestimated. Expect a close game so an ICB on METHOD is recommended.

My odds for this match: Method 45:55 ex-Denial


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