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UCC Europe

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2016/02/08 20:00 UTC


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Method vs. E-Frag at UCC Europe

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So going into this, E-Frag is not in the greatest of form at all to be honest, which is kinda worrying, but I do reckon that this is a game that they should be winning. E-Frag to me here is the better team individually, and obviously have been together for a long time, however sometimes I question that due to the plays they make. The last few times these two have met, it’s been a complete slaughter, with E-Frag coming out of the better end versus Method, or then known Piter. To me E-Frag are simply too inconsistent to really trust them in matches to say the least, at times they can be gods, and at other times, well can be bots, and for betting as favorites they are not my favorite of teams, they are more the underdog team, however gotta deal with what you got. I do feel that E-Frag should take this seriously given that it’s the group stages, and all points are important, and as long as they are hitting their shots, they should be in prime position to take this game. E-Frag’s full roster is playing here, which is another plus for them, especially since it is Dreamer, guy is quite important for E-Frag.


So ahm, coming back from the Game Show LAN really recently, so I am unsure how much time Method has put into getting ready for this game, I’m sure you don’t just jump onto the CSGO grind as you arrive home, so that’s one thing going against Method here, however what do I know, these guys might have been practicing as soon as they landed. Method actually did pretty alright, I mean they did get whipped by Astralis, but that was to be expected, however versus Cloud9, they could’ve won the game 2-0, instead lost it 2-0 however they played it quite well, however has to be said, C9 right now, no hope my friend. And also, Method had two standins for that LAN, and I presume they are going to be playing with their full lineup now, so that should benefit them quite a bit. Method for me are really inconsistent, some times they can be good, other times just meh, but to beat E-Frag in a BO3 they’ll have to be more than good here, or just hope for a traditional E-Frag disappointment of a performance.


Overall putting everything together, I feel like this is a match that E-Frag should not be losing. I understand dropping a map to Method, but two should be too much for E-Frag here if they take it seriously. Method is decent, however given that they just arrived from a LAN, their main inconsistencies and simply put, being worse than E-Frag, I’ve got little hope on them. As long as E-Frag play their game as I said, they should be taking this. 75-25 for me here with a medium risk, given that it is E-Frag and applying logic to them is a bad idea.


Going to play the odds here with a medium bet, as long as E-Frag is below 82%, I will drop 7-10% on them here. However if they are above it, I’ll ICB on Method in the hopes of a upset. A good bet here if E-Frag’s odds are ridiculous could be Method to win at least one map on Fanobet if the odds are good, a low bet on that would be good.

My odds = 75-25 E-Frag

My risk = Medium

My bet = Playing the odds, 7-10% on E-Frag unless above 82%, in which case ICB Method

My advice = Same as my bet



My odds for this match: Method 25:75


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