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Game Show Spring

Best Of 3
2016/02/23 18:00 UTC

Winner nEophyte

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Method vs. nEophyte at Game Show Spring

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Method against Neophyte is a game that I feel Method should be taking. Their opponent today is a level below them, and their roster was hit hard with them losing their best players arguably. They did recruit kAPARZO who is a good fragger online at least, and still have a lot of experience in quetzone and barb1 from the old FraF roster, but overall their team is missing their star players they had before.

This is reflected in their recent results, losing to SS, Refuse, k1ck and eXplosive is not the kind of results they need if they are to take down Method. The Russian side looked good against k1ck and QuietPlease, but were destroyed by Ancient in a really one sided match. I do feel Method are a lot better than nEophyte, but with their results as overdogs before being called into question, I would not feel comfortable betting on them at these odds, and would suggest you to SKIP.

My odds for this match: Method 65:35 nEophyte


So this is a game that I feel like Method should be winning, however don’t bet your house on it. Method to me are a team that are quite up and down most of the time, they have quality in that lineup, however they do not use it to its full potential most of the time I feel, however when they do go off, they really do. We haven’t seen them too too much recently, the most noticeable results are somewhat close games to Ancient and E-Frag, the 16:9 territory, obviously lost both. The Method guys have mixed hours these past two weeks, some have above 100, while others have around 50, so it’s safe to say the average is around 80, which I mean isn’t too shabby at all, most of them have been putting in the work the past two weeks which is good here. The nEophtyte guys are not too bad at all, I feel like they are slowly trying to work their way into a full Czech Republican lineup, they have some decent players that name a bell, such as Queztone and Barb1 of course. The team is not too bad, however I feel like as long as Method take this serious, they should take it somewhat convincingly, perhaps dropping a map but coming out on top in the end. Overall 70-30 Method here for me, high risk mainly due to consistency issues within this team, and the fact that I do not really like betting on lower tier CIS teams.


5% on Method here as long as they are below 77%, otherwise 2% on nEophyte in the hopes of an upset.

My odds = 70-30 Method

My risk = High

My bet = 5% Method if under 77%, otherwise 2% nEophyte

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: Method 70:30 nEophyte


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