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Rising Stars

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2016/03/09 19:20 UTC

Winner miMo

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miMo vs. WGG at Rising Stars

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A mixteam facing a team BO1 on Train for Rising Stars, Pretty scary if you ask me. miMo seem to be a team with a few tier3 players all mixed up, none of the players seems unknown to me and they have starplayer jayzaR who is simply nuts. I’m still waiting for this guy to get picked up by a tier2 team and just go godmode, probably one of my favourite awpers. Communication seems not to be a problem for miMo as all these players can talk and understand Swedish.

WGG are the team here, they have been together for quite some time now and they just picked up Davidp for Uzzziii and that’s most definitely an upgrade. This team seems to be having some decent fraggers with Davidp, scara and AlluM3tt3 who are all capable of dropping 20-30 bombs at any time. A pretty good team if you ask me.

This match just clearly feels like a 50-50. The only thing that makes this a 50-50 if because of jayzaR, he is an insane awper and Train is a map where awpers will have a huge impact. If it wasn’t for jayzaR, then I would have called it a 65-35 to WGG as this is a map which requires teamwork. This is a 50-50 so let’s just go with the underdog, WGG are currently the underdog.

Low (3%) on WGG

My odds for this match: miMo 50:50 WGG

Interesting game here with 2 sides that contain a lot of skill. We already know the map, which is Train, which unfortunately does not tell us a lot, as these are two new teams. WGG have actually been around for an eternity with various different rosters. Scara, liptoN, NpK, and AlluM3tt3 have been in most of the rosters, so should know each other very well. Train is not a map that you can really afford playing as a mix on, and you need set things, so on that respect, you would have to favour WGG on paper for this match.

Looking at the roster for MiMo, it actually is quite impressive. Dumas of course known from his time in DenDD, t3h f4rm3r, tease from Publiclir and Torpedo, and b0bbzki who is a good player, and jayzaR who is an underrated AWP in my opinion. This roster on paper is actually pretty scary, and they can easily compete with the spot for 2nd/3rd best side in Sweden.

This game is really hard to predict, but judging purely on the odds and the rosters, I would suggest going LOW on MiMo, they have a lot of skill in their roster, and if they have worked on their train a bit, they have a chance to take this.

My odds for this match: miMo 50:50 WGG

miMo is a mixteam. t3h f4rm3r is from Hungary, but he speak very good Swedish so it wont be problem. These players played together sometimes. tease was a player of Publiclir, but they changed him for maxie. On this team have very good aimer players like jayzaR and t3h f4rm3r, but the other players can drop bombs too. They like to play on train and the communications are good. But train is not good for a mix, because you need tactics there, and teamwork on both sides, so its normally not enough if you have skilled players.

WGG have a nice lineup, they’re not a mix, just changed 1 player. Uzii dropped out, and DavidP signed. I think DavidP the best player in this match, he has good rating, and he can clutch if its needed. Scara is a very good player aswell, but he’s shaky. This team can be very good, if they practice enough.

miMo have a good AWPer in jayzaR, and its very important on Train. If you ask me its an 50-50 match, because BO1 and the WGG dont have that AWPer who can beat jayzaR. WGG have more chance, but its better if you follow the percentages now, so go on underdog. It will be very close game, so its very risky I’ll go on miMo.

Low (2-5%) on miMo


My odds for this match: miMo 50:50 WGG


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