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Best Of 1
2016/03/02 20:20 UTC

Winner Na’Vi

Mongolz vs. Na’Vi at IEM

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Not a game that Navi should be losing to be honest, unless of course they somehow end up on Cache, but for that to happen, something must of reaaally gone wrong. By this point the game may or may not mean a lot for either side. Mongolz might well be out, and Navi might well be through, so predicting this match so far ahead of time is obviously difficult. I do though believe Navi will win this game, but I would honestly wait for the earlier matches before betting here. I will fill in MED on Navi for now, and adapt it at a later stage. Navi do lose BO1’s from time to time, or they used too, but in their recent good form, these are the types of games they snap up with a simple W.

My odds for this match: Mongolz 25:75 Na’Vi


Just like all the other Mongolz games, I expect this to be a pretty straight forward win for Navi unless they highly underestimate them. I don’t think Navi will, I think Navi will smash Mongolz here and just win.

Max on Navi

My odds for this match: Mongolz 20:80 Na’Vi

So this is the forth safe match featuring MongolZ, I’m gonna say it over and over again, there is no chance MongolZ beat a top team even in a best of one match, I already mentioned that MongolZ will finish on the last place with a 0-5 score, the only “weaker” team they have to play is mousesports, and even then, MongolZ’s chances to win are nearly impossible.

Na`Vi’s playstyle is basically a nail to the coffin here, they always go for the default setups with a very late execute and this is a perfect playstyle against weaker teams like MongolZ, the goal of default setups is basically to win the duels, Na`Vi’s players are surely better when it comes to individual skill and it should be enough for them to win the match.

One thing that I didn’t mention are maps, it seems like MongolZ would love to play on cache or cobblestone which are their best map statistically, cache is always a veto for Na`Vi because they never practice this map, and cobblestone is one of their better maps so yea, Na`Vi should take it regardless on what map they will have to play.

My odds for this match: Mongolz 5:95 Na’Vi


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