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2016/03/08 20:00 UTC

Winner Astralis

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mouz vs. Astralis at ESL

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So we’re back to ESL ESEA Pro League matches as the teams are already back home after IEM Katowice, we will see a lot of very exciting best of one matches in the upcoming days and this is one is also very interesting. Both teams are extremly good on dust2 but I really have to give this one to Astralis, dust2 is a pug map and winning aim duels is the most important thing on it, Astralis’s players are better individually and should be able to win majority of the duels, another thing is that mousesports are the clear underdogs coming into this match and there’s a lot of pressure on them here.

I don’t feel comfortable betting on this match but Astralis are the favorites and should be able to take this, they still have a match against mousesports on mirage before this one, I recommend watching the first match and then bet on this one.

My odds for this match: mousesports 30:70 Astralis

Mouz were very good at IEM Katowice. They almost beat Luminosity (14-16), beat Mongolz(16-7) and NiP(16-8) aswell. They played their last match against fnatic, this was a very close match (17-19 D2). They’re one of those teams, who do better online than offline. So it was really good results for them. They have chance, because its BO1, and if NiKOGOD is on fire, i’m not sure Astralis can stop him. I would say that Mouz play better on D2 than Astralis.

Lets see Astralis. They’re one of the best teams in the world, if you look at their results you can see that. They lost th Semi-Final against fnatic (1-2). They played against Tempo Storm, FaZe, VP, and nobody could stop them. I think they’re very dissapointed after that lose, and haven’t been practicing enough.

On the last 5 head to head matches, every time Astralis won. These matches were pretty close though, example at Dreamhack the Danish guys won 22-19 on Mirage. Last D2 head to head was last year, Mouz i don’t think were as good as they are now and Astralis won one 16-13. I think Mouz have a chance of taking this one.

Small (2-5%) on Mouz


My odds for this match: mousesports 42:58 Astralis

Both teams facing eachother again, this time on Dust2. Overall I would say Dust2 doesn’t have that much of a upset potential for Mousesports. The thing is, Mirage is NiKo’s best map and always drops 30 bombs there, Dust2 is a map he rarely drops 30 bombs on so they’re gonna have to rely on players like nex or spiidi to make plays. chrisj always has to be on point as Dust2 is his map although like I said in the earlier analysis, chrisj seems to be a bit off recently.

I just think that Mirage could be more close than this one. I don’t know how both teams are playing yet but the outcome of Mirage will most definitely depend on my pick here as the odds will shift a lot. Dust2 feels less close than Mirage, I think Astralis will be picking this one up more comfortably than Mirage.

Medium (8%) on Astralis when -75% for Astralis | ICB on Mousesports when +75% for Astralis

(Might get edited depending on Mirage)

My odds for this match: mousesports 30:70 Astralis


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