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2015/12/16 21:00 UTC

Winner CSGL

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mouz vs. CSGL at Faceit

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With gobb announcing today he will be standing down, the inconsistent mouz might just get that little bit more inconsistent. The roster of CSGL, is one that can surprise one day, and then look really poor the next and this match will be a battle of who will be less inconsistent. I think the overall skill and fire power of the mouz guys to be a lot stronger than that of CSGL, but if MICHU and osakarish can go off, they for sure have a chance going into this game.

I still feel like the most likely outcome for this game to be 2-1 to mouz, but the odds don’t make for good betting here. The real odds are a lot closer to 65-35/60-40 and with this uncertainty surrounding mouz now and how they will perform, I think betting on them at these odds to be a bad idea. The most logical thing you can do is go LOW on CSGL if you have a lot of skins, or SKIP if you don’t, as mouz might go off today, and use their fire power to full force, or they might struggle when things get tough due to missing that brain and tactical knowledge that helped them out so much before.

The last time these 2 met it was a really close affair, both maps going into overtime, and this roster change does no warrant the kinds of odds we see right now. This is a really risky game, so only bet if you can afford to take the hit.

My odds for this match: mousesports 65:35 CSGL

mousesports just replaced gob b with Spiidi, so basically got rid of the in-game leader for an upgrade to their fragging power, this is a massive change as Spiidi is easily one of the best players in germany and the current lineup is probably the best one they could get. mousesports might perform bad in their upcoming matches as they will pretty much go for default setups and puggy style, they don’t have a dedicated in game leader as of yet, as far as I know Kapio (their coach) will call right now. mousesports played a couple of matches with this roster already, they had a very close match against HellRaisers which they tied 1-1 and 2-0’d DenDD in a pretty close match.


CSGL are very inconsistent as they usually lose against scrubs and beat better teams, they had a couple of good matches against teams like LDLC.White, melty, nEophyte, EZMarket and few more, they played a very close match against mousesports which I already mentioned before, the recent addition of mouzinho is a big upgrade and they are clearly performing better than before.


The odds are very inaccurate, I’d give CSGL around 40% here and I think it would be better to throw a small bet on them rather than going bigger on mousesports, CSGL is my pick.

My odds for this match: mousesports 60:40 CSGL


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