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2016/01/31 18:00 UTC

Winner Dignitas

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mouz vs. Dignitas at Game Show Global

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Mousesports have just been insane after they returned from Dreamhack Leipzig. They haven’t lost a match including wins over Hellraisers, Dignitas, CPH Wolves, SpaceSoldiers and Titan. The most impressive result was the 2-0 against Dignitas, Mousesports played so incredibly well in this BO3 and thanks to this win, they had to face CPH Wolves to qualify for Katowice 2016 and they did. Dignitas on the other hand haven’t played a match after their loss vs Mousesports. It’s hard to say in what kind of form they are but I personally don’t think it’s good after not qualifying for Katowice 2016. The winner of this match will qualify for the $200,000 offline finals and that is pretty nuts for a tier2 team. Both teams want this spot and both teams will try extremely hard here. Mousesports in an amazing form, Dignitas in a somewhat inconsistent form.


The H2H matches has always been 50-50, but right now I gotta give Mousesports the upper hand. It just looks like Mousesports is having the upper hand when it comes to online H2H matches. I feel like Mousesports are better online than on lan. I think Mousesports will win 2-1 here in an extremely close BO3.


It’s pretty early and the match starts in 16 hours so for now, I will keep this empty and let the odds shift for a bit. I will edit this ASAP!

EDIT: The odds are over 60% for Mousesports and this is kind of ridiculous but I still do think Mousesports will win. Let’s just stay with a low bet on Mousesports.

Thanks for reading and good luck with your bet!

My odds for this match: mousesports 55:45 Dignitas

Well, this match is very hard to call because these teams played two matches against each other in January, dignitas won the first series and mousesports took the second – both 2-0. Dignitas is a better team in my opinion, they were holding a steady and consistent form for a very long time and their results were just better, dignitas constantly beat teams like Copenhagen Wolves, Lounge Gaming, SK Gaming, HellRaisers and more, they also upset top teams quite often and rarely lose against lower teams. Mousesports on the other hand, didn’t perform that well in the past few months, they just started playing better lately mostly because of the roster changes, their current win streak is quite impressive as they beat Dignitas, Copenhagen Wolves, Space Soldiers, ex-Titan, and HellRaisers, they didn’t drop a single map in those matches.

I wouldn’t give mousesports too much credit here, they won 9 maps in a row but their results were very bad before that, dignitas should be slightly favored here and the odds are very inaccurate at the moment.

My odds for this match: mousesports 45:55 Dignitas

These two teams are incredibly close in my opinion in terms of skill. They are both quite inconsistent, and both suffer from losing silly rounds. Mouz had the upper hand the last few times, but the real odds for me are still closer to 50-50, perhaps mouz edging it slightly at 55-45.

Mouz seem to have clicked as a squad, but they still heavily rely on NiKo and Chrisj to win them games, and often win ecos to sway the game in their favour, something that they can’t rely on forever. The other 3 members are all incredibly inconsistent, and this can cause them problems sometimes.

The same can be said for Dignitas. K0nfig in my opinion is a really good player, but he is still really inexperienced, and you can see that by how he plays, sometimes pushing or peaking too much which can cost his side the round at important moments. The same can be said for kjaerbye, who has been really good recently, but can blow hot and cold, and he will need to be hot tonight in this incredibly important game.

The winner of this qualifies for the 200k LAN, so it is a must win for both. I can see this game being incredibly close, and with the winner not clear, and the odds currently being 65-35 for mouz, the most logical thing to do in my eyes, is to just purely play the odds, and go LOW on dig. Mouz do not deserve to have odds so high, and this game really could go either way.

My odds for this match: mousesports 55:45 Dignitas


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