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2015/12/13 21:00 UTC

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mouz vs. HR at APM

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Sorry guys I don’t have much time, so I’ll have to do a pretty quick prediction here. The odds right now are pretty accurate, so a low bet on Mouz will work.

This is actually a game that was delayed for a week or so, and last time it was put up on lounge Mouz had 65%. Mouyz have been in pretty good shape. They just beat CSGL 2-0 in a close match, and were really close to beating LDLC white 2-0 also. Most of their losses recently are either on Train or losses to tier one teams. Mouz always come close when playing a tier one team such as VP or Envy, but they have few wins. You might see that they recently lost 13-16 to Hellraisers and 0-16 to SK, but mostly that’s because of the map. Mouz are pretty bad on Train, and they should be trying to get rid of it as quickly as possible in the map bans. There was a period of time a few weeks ago when Mouz were on fire. They aren’t really anymore as it ended as soon as they ost to SK 0-16, but they’re still playing pretty well. NiKo has been playing extremely well and is carrying Mouz many of the recent matches they’ve played. Each time they’ve played Hellraisers it’s been close, and this BO2 should be close once again.

Hellraisers have been up and down. They recently lost to LC 1-2, but they had a standin for Kucher. Their very next match they took down Virtus Pro 2-1 in a very close game, and then they lost to Dignitas 0-2. Virtus Pro really weren’t playing very well that match, but Hellraisers were also playing great. Oskar has been a god for Hellraisers lately, hitting nearly every awp shot and topfragging nearly every map. I really like the Hellraisers lineup, but right now I just don’t think they will be able to beat Mouz. Mouz have been looking better and playing better, and just one player doing well for Hellraisers won’t cut it. Mouz have better strategies, teamwork, and aim. There is a high chance this will end 1-1, but the best bet is low on Mouz. Good luck!

My odds for this match: mousesports 60:40 HR


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