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2016/03/02 13:55 UTC

Winner mousesports
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mouz vs. Mongolz at IEM

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Hard to call game as it will largely depend on what happens with mouz in their opening game, and how they are looking as a side. I feel like a lot of their players are going to be really tired due to their travelling issues, and that might affect their performance in this game. I can see this game ending up on a map like Cache due to mouz not respecting their opponents, and this could be dangerous. We all saw what the Mongolz are like on this map, especially with Machinegun and Zilkenberg dominating. I do still believe mouz will take this game, but if they perform really poorly against NiP, and the map is good for Mongolz, then this could be a risky one. For now I will leave it as MED on mouz, but this could change tomorrow.

My odds for this match: mousesports 70:30 Mongolz



Mousesports will play a BO1 before this match and I’m not sure how they will play. Mousesports are one of those teams who simply wins against teams they shouldn’t lose against, Mongolz is a good example for that. Sure, Mongolz did have some impressive results but this will be their first big tournament against European teams and that’s always a thing you could be nervous about. I feel like Mousesports should have this BO1 in the bag when they just play like they normally. Do know that my bet COULD get edited when Mousesports play extremely bad against NiP. As of now, let’s go with a medium bet on Mousesports.

NOTE: Analysis might be a bit short, sorry for that! Also, the picks I made can change as I don’t know how the earlier matches will end, so be aware!

Medium (10%) on Mousesports

My odds for this match: mousesports 70:30 Mongolz


Mouz are a team that I am a fan of, I really do think that when their players are firing their shots, they tend to do really well. The problem of theirs is the fact that it’s quite rare to see all of their players firing shots, just does not happen often, it seemingly seems to have been a bigger problem a few months ago than now, however it’s still a problem, while not to the same type of extent. This match is tricky to call given the fact that we have not seen a lot of Mongolz. We saw them at the Minor event which they actually won, due to very impressive performances from MachineGun, who I am telling you, if Mongolz are going to win this, it will be because of him or  Zilkenberg carrying his team here, just look out for these guys. They’ve been to a LAN before, the minor of course, and the performances these two put up, on LAN is really amazing and kinda shows they are infact LAN proven and not just some onliners, or well, I hope that is the case. We saw Mongolz up against Renegades, a poor Renegades for that, and a few other Asian/Australian teams, however we have not seen them getting tested by a decent European team, and that is where they will probably hit a stall I believe. I feel like Mouz are a team that can compete with Mongolz skill wise here, obviously but also should be ahead in the tactical department. I don’t know, this is a tricky one, however I’ve got belief in Mouz here, as long as they show their best form and not the 5th gear Mouz that can’t move up gears. 70-30 Mouz here.


7-10% Mouz here as long as they are under 77%, otherwise probably just ICB on Mongolz here. This one is tricky due to the fact that we have not seen much of Mongolz, so you could go low to play it safer, however I like Mouz, the trio of Nex, Niko and ChrisJ can be deadly, and I doubt MachineGun/ZilkenBerg will be able to single handedly, or well double handedly carry here, however I mean, BO1, why not.

My odds = 70-30 Mouz

My risk = Medium

My bet = 7-10% Mouz if under 77%, otherwise skip/ICB Mongolz

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: mousesports 70:30 Mongolz


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